Get 'em Clicking with Good Ad Copy!

Written by Linda Offenheiser

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Go back and polish it . . .

That isn't a bad start. Now we have something to work with. We're going to pare this down, punch it up, polish it and see what we have.

Don't you just hate it? Right inrepparttar best part ofrepparttar 108111 story your cell phone dies. Now you won't have to worry about that happening ever again. Now you know you'll decide whenrepparttar 108112 story ends, not your cell phone. Find out more today.

Well, that isn't too bad but we still have to cut it down more and liven it up some.

Don't you just hate it? She was going to tell you . . . and your cell phone died! Don't put up with it! If you want to hearrepparttar 108113 end ofrepparttar 108114 story every time -- find out more now!

Can you seerepparttar 108115 difference? The sentences are short and snappy. We've created interest. We've told her we're going to solve a problem for her but we haven't told her so much that she doesn't have to visitrepparttar 108116 site to know what we're all about.

I've simplified this a little. Sometimes you have to write and rewrite a few times before you have exactly what you want. It may take a little time butrepparttar 108117 end product will be worth it. You'll have an ad that will make people want to click on your link and learn more about your product. They arrive at your site already thinking you can solve an annoying problem for them. Your ad has done it's job.

And finally . . .

Okay, it's now time to go back and find a headline for this piece of art! Can you see that it's easier to create a headline now than it might have been atrepparttar 108118 beginning? And . . .repparttar 108119 content of your ad is finished so that takes some ofrepparttar 108120 stress away.

Try out a few different headlines and chooserepparttar 108121 one that you believe to berepparttar 108122 most magnetic. Put yourself in your ideal customer's shoes and imagine what would appeal to herrepparttar 108123 most. You getrepparttar 108124 idea, don't you?

Let's just pretend that we've made our list of possible headlines. We want one that is short, catchy and fits our ad. How about this one? "It was just getting good when ... or "Don't missrepparttar 108125 best part!" Then there's "Hang up when YOU'RE Ready!" Now you have lots to choose from and once you make your final choice you're finished. Or, are you?

Always, always, always proofread your copy . . .

There is nothing that will ruinrepparttar 108126 impact of an ad quicker than errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar. You have to find all ofrepparttar 108127 errors and typos before you send that ad out! Don't just rely on spell check either. If you misspell a word it won't be caught ifrepparttar 108128 misspelling is actually a word - even though it wasn'trepparttar 108129 word you wanted to use. For example, maybe you typed "hear" when you meant to use "here" - it won't be caught! Go over those ads with a fine-tooth comb or, better yet, have someone else read them too.

There you have it . . .

Now you know how to write copy that works. You can apply everything you've learned here (and hopefully if was a lot) to any ad you write. And don't worry, as with any skill, it gets easier with practice.

Just one word of warning . . .

Please do yourself and your business a favor and become familiar withrepparttar 108130 FTC guidelines for advertising onrepparttar 108131 Internet. Make sure you know them and that you follow them. You can't afford not to! Keep your ads and your web pages honest, cut outrepparttar 108132 hype and half-truths ~ if you don't, you may not have a business to promote!

Now go out there and knock 'em dead! I'm expecting great things from you!

Linda Offenheiser is the owner of Stress-Free Copy where sales copy comes alive! Always the right words with no stress, no hassle, no time wasted. She also publishes a weekly marketing ezine, All the Write Stuff!, thatís informative, friendly and fun! You can visit her at or subscribe at

The Write Formula

Written by Linda Offenheiser

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That All-Important Headline

Develop a headline that catches your reader's eye and interest. Make it unique and catchy but make it honest! Don't try to lure a reader by making outlandish promises or by using a headline that has nothing at all to do with your text. Your headline should introduce your text, not disguise it. As with text, short headlines work better than long ones. If your headline doesn't getrepparttar reader's attentionrepparttar 108110 rest of your copy will never be read. So work on that headline until it reaches out and grabsrepparttar 108111 reader's eye!

And finally . . .

Sales Copy is Never Finished!

You may write your copy many, many times. There are always little ways to tweak it to make it better and you should! Don't let it become stagnant. The best sales copy changes and adapts . . . it evolves!

Linda Offenheiser is the owner of Stress-Free Copy where sales copy comes alive! She also publishes a weekly marketing ezine, All the Write Stuff!, thatís informative, friendly and fun! You can visit her at or subscribe at

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