GetMeTickets Agree with Glastonbury Ticket Security

Written by Michael Rangos

Continued from page 1 has been actively selling tickets forrepparttar Glastonbury Festival forrepparttar 138119 last few years in full compliance withrepparttar 138120 requirements ofrepparttar 138121 festival, purchasing tickets on behalf of its clients from independent suppliers. At no time and in no way did use “fake tickets” to obtain entry torepparttar 138122 Glastonbury Festival as was implied by BBC Watchdog.

The company is proud of its good name and reputation, earned through many years of excellent work and considers it unfortunate that BBC Watchdog has sought to sully this. Nonetheless, aware ofrepparttar 138123 detrimental effect that this broadcast may have had uponrepparttar 138124 Festival, and in direct consultation with Michael Eavis, has proactively determined that it is inrepparttar 138125 best interests ofrepparttar 138126 Company,repparttar 138127 Festival and all customers that it no longer offer these tickets. All existing customers will shortly receive full refunds and, working closely withrepparttar 138128 Festival organisers, steps are being taken to ensure that all customers are able to obtain replacement tickets. continues to provide premium priced “front row” or “hard-to-get” tickets for most “sold out” events via its website orrepparttar 138129 hotline 020 7240 9999.


Art Deco and Its Enduring Popularity

Written by Rosana Hart

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Some design elements were stepped forms, rounded corners, triple-striped decorative elements, vivid colors, and black decoration. The overall format had a clean simplicity to it. For book and poster printing, type faces such as Futura and Broadway were simple and geometrical.

In poster art,repparttar sense of sophistication and suave elegance are often strong elements, as is sensuality. Art deco posters, printed using our modern techniques, are still widely used for decorating today. Art deco posters go well with virtually any style of furnishings, as they themselves draw on so many different things and there is such a wide variety available.

Rosana Hart is a reference librarian turned webmaster. Visit her site at for a selection of popular posters and articles about their subjects.

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