Geranium Plants

Written by Linda Paquette

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•Scented geraniums are used for making tea, potpourris and sachets. They are deceptively sweet and carryrepparttar fragrances of lemon, apple, rose, nutmeg, and peppermint. Althoughrepparttar 113329 flowers are small and some might say insignificant,repparttar 113330 scented geranium is a wonderful way to add fragrance to your patio, porch… or kitchen!

•The mosquito geranium is also a scented geranium. Even if you haven’t grown it, chances are you have smelled its insect repelling scent. The mosquito geranium was hybrid especially for production of oil of citronella and frequently is sold at nurseries asrepparttar 113331 mosquito plant.

Geranium flowers come in white and all shades of pink and red. Many hybrids have bi-colored flowers and some hybrids bear salmon colored flowers. Easy care, in addition to being a favorite addition to your garden, geraniums also make an inexpensive and lovely gift for Easter, Mother’s Day and other special spring occasions.

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Welcome To Michigan

Written by Barbara Baker

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The garden brings many aspects ofrepparttar earth together. The birds find food and ample hiding places to build their baby’s nests. The butterflies are abundant, feeding onrepparttar 113328 nectar ofrepparttar 113329 flowering plants. I am always grabbing my books to look uprepparttar 113330 name of a new winged visitor torepparttar 113331 garden. I think my favorite part ofrepparttar 113332 garden isrepparttar 113333 thyme bed. A lot ofrepparttar 113334 thymes are ground covers, and inrepparttar 113335 spring they haverepparttar 113336 tiniest blossoms. Did you know aboutrepparttar 113337 lavender, lemon, caraway, minus, creeping, oregano, English, French, silver, common, lime, orange, orange spice, nutmeg, silver needle, and woolly thyme ? These are only a few varieties of this species. I harvest these for making herbal swags and to add them to sachets and potpourri. I am a member ofrepparttar 113338 Michigan Herb Association, andrepparttar 113339 Great Lakes Herb Business Association. If you visitrepparttar 113340 web site ofrepparttar 113341 Great Lakes Herb Business Association you will see a variety of businesses in our state that sells herbs and herbal products. The web site is very informative and a good resource to check out while your coming our way. Sweet Annie’s Rose isrepparttar 113342 name of my little rustic shop and garden. You will find as many weeds as there are herbs at times, but no one seems to care. Drop by and stroll thoughrepparttar 113343 garden. You can nibble on some sweet cicely, or tasterepparttar 113344 lemon thyme. You can pull a few weeds, exchange a few seeds, or just wander alone throughrepparttar 113345 herbs and let their magic find a place in your heart.

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