Genghis Khan - Smith

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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The book 'The Thirteenth Tribe' by Arthur Koestler tells a part of an alternative history in reference torepparttar Jewish people which makes interesting reading when one considers howrepparttar 140323 Empires of Rome and Greece have dominated our 'his'-story. In actual factrepparttar 140324 safest and largest Empire during 'his'-story isrepparttar 140325 Mongol empire created by Temujin. Why Marco Polo and other lies take precedence in popular opinion overrepparttar 140326 reading or writing about this great man andrepparttar 140327 Pax Tartaris is most instructive we think. We have more to say under Urumchi and Genghis as we proceed.

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Homeschooling with Literature

Written by Lorraine Curry

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Language Arts

When there is an emphasis on reading from a young age, language skills will be learned effortlessly. The child will write well and exhibit an expanding vocabulary in both speech and writing. You may also find, as we did, spelling class to be unnecessary.

Literature School Basics

1)Select a number of well chosen books. 2)Set a particular time to read each book. 3)Let nothing interfere with your ` scheduling. 4)Use discussion and research to create interest. 5)Process, by writing or narrating.

Each child should haverepparttar opportunity to read aloud each day. During this time you can note and correct mispronounced words.

Older Students

•Present questions that require thought. Some questions may not have one perfect answer. Some may not have an answer at all. Nevertheless, thought is stimulated and learning takes place. •Copy challenging writing in order to practice English skills and increase comprehension. •Do extensive research in order to understand deeper writing such as poems. •Research authors, times and places. •Report by presenting orally or compiling results of research in writing. The quantity and quality of written assignments should increase with older students. •Solidify language-learning with a formal grammar course and a formal writing course such asrepparttar 140213 Wordsmith courses by Jane B. Cheaney.

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