Genetic, Robotic And Nanotech

Written by Robert Baird

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I agree with George Bush:

I found myself agreeing with Georgerepparttar Second of America when he pulled out ofrepparttar 137365 Kyoto Accord. This raisedrepparttar 137366 eyebrows of more than a few people I know. I believe he saw that saltingrepparttar 137367 skies with chemicals which would lessenrepparttar 137368 apparent pollution would not kill more people inrepparttar 137369 short term and savingrepparttar 137370 billions of dollars required to implement Kyoto would not take into considerationrepparttar 137371 use of nanobots which soon will be able to clean uprepparttar 137372 pollution and maybe even make money harvestingrepparttar 137373 minerals inrepparttar 137374 process.

I also agree with George inrepparttar 137375 matter of spending more on space exploration but I am extremely concerned about SDI and HAARP as well asrepparttar 137376 Frequency Fence andrepparttar 137377 kind of weapons Dennis Kucinich tried to have removed from space. These weapons called non-lethal include mind control potentials that I cannot address in full in this article. In fact any reader of this article will have to do a lot of research to become aware of what is really going on. The issue includes viewing future technology and I demonstrate this has been done by more people than Leonardo, Nostradamus and Father Ernetti in my many books on these subjects. Dean Radin (5) and Stanford Research Institute as well asrepparttar 137378 Defense Intelligence Agency (6) are worth looking into. He works in Las Vegas. I lived there for many years near to S-4 and Area 51. The government says it does not even exist but I met many people who work there and other places like Tonopah.

George andrepparttar 137379 other Skull and Bones people that run for President ofrepparttar 137380 United States would have us believe it is a mere boys club and there are books which supposedly expose them and other nefarious groups which are actually well-managed ‘Spin’. There are groups like The Pilgrims, Russell Foundation or Beacon Hill Mob (and lots of other names or alphabet soup agencies) who actually put front men likerepparttar 137381 Bushes in power.

Prescott Bush was named in court proceedings in reference to trading withrepparttar 137382 enemy andrepparttar 137383 funding of Hitler and he brought us Richard Nixon. His paladin status withrepparttar 137384 Rockefeller agents ofrepparttar 137385 Rothschild or Merovingian complex is a nest of CIA or OSS involvement withrepparttar 137386 founding of The Bilderbergs and many other worthwhile research excursions. The Hegelian Dialectic or ‘playing both ends againstrepparttar 137387 middle’ is not new but it is important. Eisenhower’s address onrepparttar 137388 military-industrial complex is a must read. (7)

The BEES or Benjaminite Rothschilds have been orchestrating supposedly New World Order throughout history. I demonstrate they includerepparttar 137389 De Medicis and Stuarts or Bruttii in more ways that their sponsorship ofrepparttar 137390 translation ofrepparttar 137391 Corpus Hermeticum into a book named after their family called De Brix. (8) The FED and IMF are outreaches of these Synarchists who get a piece ofrepparttar 137392 action through arbitrage and other dastardly games. David Guyatt is a former financial wizard worth reading. (9) John Ralston Saul, who isrepparttar 137393 husband ofrepparttar 137394 Governor-General of Canada and a former head of a Paris-based investment firm, saysrepparttar 137395 end ofrepparttar 137396 Bretton Woods Agreement wasrepparttar 137397 single most important event ofrepparttar 137398 20th Century. George Orwell’s slogans like ‘War is Peace’ and ‘Love is Hate’ are eerily reminiscent ofrepparttar 137399 current War on Terra which former CIA Director Woolsey calls WWIV. (10)

Are you concerned? Will you take my challenge and check outrepparttar 137400 following links? There is a potential to make everyone on earth as rich as Midas or Croessus and we can throw offrepparttar 137401 Malthusian One Pie ideology (11) but it requires some study and effort.




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Can You Afford Not To Look After Your Personal Finances?

Written by Mika Hamilton

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Investing is too hard

Investing is too risky

You need a lot of money to invest

Let’s look at each one of these misconceptions.

Investing is too hard

You may think that investing is just too hard. But a lot of that has to do withrepparttar terminology ofrepparttar 137335 investment industry. I mean who knows what Fed Fund rates, mutual funds, indexes, or blue chip stocks are? But you don’t need to be scared off by a bunch of words—inrepparttar 137336 end they are just words. Just like you probably didn’t know what PMI was before you bought your first house or what APR was before you got your first credit card, you can learn what these things are. And you will find that they aren’t so hard to learn. And if you seekrepparttar 137337 advice of a professional, they can explain it to you.

Investing is too risky.

Some people haverepparttar 137338 idea that investing is risky. Movies such as “Wall Street”, no doubt, lead people to think that. Butrepparttar 137339 fact is that investing is only as risky as you want it to be. Do you want to take huge risks? You can invest in international stocks. Want to play it safe? Go with bonds. The risk level is up to you and only you.

I can’t afford to invest.

Many people think they can’t afford to invest. But when you look atrepparttar 137340 alternatives (social security may not be there, job security is not 100%), you really have to ask yourself how can you afford not to invest. Andrepparttar 137341 earlier you start,repparttar 137342 more money you will earn. Even if it’s only a small amount,repparttar 137343 money you invest today will earn you big inrepparttar 137344 future.

Mika Hamilton is editor and founder of the Global Investment Institute. An organisation setup to aid people in the pursuit of a better lifestyle through investing and wealth planning.

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