Generating Website Traffic with Sub-domains

Written by Sarah Coles

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*Banner Exchange Programs* Banner exchange programs allow members to share advertising space on each otherís websites. They are a great way to generate traffic to your website, but you may not want to clutter your main site with ads. Portal websites provide a good place to test different programs and directrepparttar resulting traffic to your main site.

*Alternative Markets* Search engine spiders will pick up on content variations among your websites. Subtle differences could place a site in a category that you had not thought of and open up an entirely new base of visitors and/or customers.

*Product and Service Specialization* Your main website may have dozens of different products and services. This is great for your business, but generality can hurt your ranking inrepparttar 131808 search engines. Using sub-domains to create sites that specialize in one product or service increases your keyword density and improves your ranking. Plus, many consumers would prefer to work with a specialized business than a one-stop shop. (You can still link to your main site with all of your products.)

Sarah Coles is a webmaster and content developer for Web Hosting, a budget host offering 6 websites for as low as $14.95/mo.

6 Steps To Establishing Credibility Online

Written by Alessandro DeBarros

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Post a page that provides a thumbnail sketch that describes who you are. Be sure to include personal data as well as professional credentials. Place your photo onrepparttar page so people can put a face with your name. Creating familiarity will impart another level of credibility for you and, by extension, forrepparttar 131806 product you represent.

5. Emphasize Transaction Security Nearly everyone recognizesrepparttar 131807 need to conduct secure exchanges of information viarepparttar 131808 Internet. Most web site designers automatically build security features intorepparttar 131809 parts of a web site where information is exchanged.

Unfortunately, most users ofrepparttar 131810 'Net don't understand that these precautions are being taken on their behalf. Emphasizerepparttar 131811 fact that transactions from your web site are secure. Place statements to this effect prominently in any location where personal information is requested. Letting your customers know that you recognize their security concerns will add credibility to your site.

6. Privacy Policies Most reputable web businesses have established privacy policies to protectrepparttar 131812 information provided by their customers. Make certain your customers can access and read your privacy policy by placing links near any location where personal information is requested. Be surerepparttar 131813 policy clearly spells out ifrepparttar 131814 customers information will be shared with any other businesses.

A good resource for more information related to privacy policies may be found at:

In order to maintainrepparttar 131815 credibility these elements help to build it is necessary to deliver onrepparttar 131816 assurances each element provides. Be sure to update policies and contact information regularly.

Follow through on all guarantees promptly and cheerfully. Reviewrepparttar 131817 security procedures on a regular basis to be certain they are still adequate forrepparttar 131818 task. With proper implementation and due diligence, each of these elements will establish and add to your online credibility.

Alessandro DeBarros is a web marketing specialist for BrandBlast , a CT based firm whose cutting edge hosting services is quickly being recognized around the world as a leader in its field. At a current base of 5,000 clients, BrandBlast specializes in small to medium business hosting, providing small businesses with the services and support they need at affordable prices.

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