Generate Headlines and Ad Copy that Sells

Written by Jill Black

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Often establishingrepparttar benefits and offering a solution torepparttar 100976 readers problems will also establish a headline that drawsrepparttar 100977 reader into wanting to read what you have to say.†

If your ads still do not draw a response after a period of time it may mean taking a closer look repparttar 100978 product or service you are offering...

One ofrepparttar 100979 biggest mistakes that many people make, and where many businesses go wrong according to Bradley J Sugars author of "Cash, Customers and Ads That Sell" is simply because - "Many people try to advertise what they make, rather than making what they advertise... in other words they don't tailor their products and services torepparttar 100980 marketplace. If there isn't a market for your products,repparttar 100981 best advertising inrepparttar 100982 world can't help you out - you can't sellrepparttar 100983 unsellable"†

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Secrets Of FREE Radio Advertising

Written by Tony Boswell

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People Told Me I Couldn't Make Money On The Internet Without First Spending A Little....

And because of that, they wouldnít even have a look into what I'm doing...and ya know what else?

I'm laughing at them allrepparttar way torepparttar 100975 bank!

Because it gets even better...most of these radio stations are more than willing to give you 100% FREE advertisement and there are a TON of things radio stations do every single day that will get them promoting your product to 100ís of 1000ís of their loyal listeners on an hourly basis every day without ever costing you a single penny!

You just can't beat that no matter who, how, when or what form of advertising you are using, and itís so brainlessly simple don't have to do a thing to get these people to your website.

If you appear on a radio station, you also have INSTANT credibility, and an INSTANT source of traffic from those 100's of thousands of listeners...and rememberrepparttar 100976 old "word of mouth" rule?

It's getting you even MORE traffic as people tell their friends and family, that may not even listen to that radio station.

Hey, I donít know about you, but people talk about what goes on inrepparttar 100977 course of a day, and if they heard something of interest to them inrepparttar 100978 morning, it becomes a topic of conversation through outrepparttar 100979 rest ofrepparttar 100980 day; where they heard it, what itís about, and how someone can find out more!

Are you beginning to seerepparttar 100981 potential here?

There is so much more that I could go on and on for hours, but let me just leave you with a few FACTS and Statistics about radio advertising that are pretty eye opening to sayrepparttar 100982 least!

∑ Radio reaches 96 percent of ALL consumers each week

∑ Radio isrepparttar 100983 only medium that combines: universal reach, with high impact frequency, superior targetability, and cost effectiveness.

∑ Consumers spend 85 percent of their time with ear-oriented media, such as Radio, but spend only 15 percent of their time with such eye-oriented media asrepparttar 100984 Internet, newspapers and magazines.

∑ Radio reaches 63 percent of shoppers age 25-54 within one hour of purchase time and 50% of ALL consumers within 24 hours of purchase time. -- providingrepparttar 100985 greatest "purchase proximity" of all major media. Combining Radio with your Internet Business allows you to influence your customers closer torepparttar 100986 point of purchase.

∑ You can use your Radio schedules to draw attention to your interactive ad onrepparttar 100987 stationís Web site and to your own home page.

∑ With Radio you can target specific customers by demographic group, lifestyle trends, and specific product affinity.

∑ Sincerepparttar 100988 average Radio listener spends more than 3 hours each weekday and about 5 1/2 hours per weekend with their favorite stations, itís easy to generate enough message frequency to get them to check out your online advertisement.

∑ With Radio drawing consumers to your online message, it can encourage them to print special coupons directly offrepparttar 100989 Web and redeem them at your place of business.

∑ Radio is virtuallyrepparttar 100990 only medium a computer user can enjoy while doing just about everything else such as atrepparttar 100991 pool, inrepparttar 100992 shower, atrepparttar 100993 park, cleaning house, and even just browsingrepparttar 100994 Internet; in fact, streaming audio allows users to listen to hundreds of both offline and Internet-only Radio stations through their computers while online.

∑ Your Radio message can drawrepparttar 100995 attention of potential online customers before, during, and following their Internet use.

∑ Radio has superior listener loyalty, ad recall and message retention.

∑ Repeated studies show that "the ear is superior torepparttar 100996 eyeÖpeople remember more if they hear words than if they see them."

∑ Many Radio stations have built their own Web sites that offer advertisers unique marketing opportunities.

∑ No other medium can claim over twelve years of uninterrupted revenue growth.

Are you advertising in radio, and if not, how many thousands of dollars are you missing out on?

Come see how this 32 year old musician takes Radio Advertising to a new level and reveals all the startling secrets he has been using to get radio stations from coast to coast advertising his products to 100ís of 1000ís of their loyal listeners and how he got his Internet business on over 25 radio stations in just 30 days - WITHOUT costing him a single penny!

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