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This part will take up your most creative time thinking of an appropriate one. It's just like a one-time limited opportunity.

Choosing a title is like choosing an attractive caption for something only that your Title should haverepparttar keyword you want to rank HIGHEST for.

I prefer to limit my index-page title to a maximum of 5 words any more than this makesrepparttar 127942 Browser title of a user pretty cluttered.

Remember while designing a site always put yourself in your members place and think how they would feel. Ask others around if they would consider a re-visit to your site or not?

Use of header tags

Although they don't look that neat it helpsrepparttar 127943 ‘spider' to get a description ofrepparttar 127944 content ofrepparttar 127945 page. It's a win-win situation in this case. You can write a CSS code and reducerepparttar 127946 size ofrepparttar 127947 h1 size if you want.

Link Exchange

I'm sure you've read scores of articles stressing about swapping links with other sites as that is a key factor in SEO.

This is quite true but it is becoming quite importing to exchange links with sites having content related to yours and which is not in direct competition of your site.

Don't just approachrepparttar 127948 webmaster ofrepparttar 127949 site you want to exchange links with byrepparttar 127950 aid of an automated message you ask everyone. Make it look a bit ‘personalized' and include a few details ofrepparttar 127951 site you may have noticed to makerepparttar 127952 webmaster feel that you have actually gone throughrepparttar 127953 site. ___

Although I'm new SEO specialistrepparttar 127954 above arerepparttar 127955 few hints I have experienced while my experience onrepparttar 127956 web.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to se results as of now that I had expected my site would show.


You can freely publish this article on your site but please give me credit for it by mentioningrepparttar 127957 following details

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How To Research Keywords For Search Engine Marketing

Written by Dan J. Fry

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This search engine provides related search results and keyword suggestion inrepparttar results returned torepparttar 127941 searcher. It can open up new avenues of keywords and phrases not thought about before. This resource can be found at http:/ .

Web Host Statistics

Unless your site is free, i.e. a free several page site through your ISP, you will most probably have . Have a look. My service is through StartLogic. The statistics are compiled through AWStats, which byrepparttar 127942 way is a free program for analyzing web site access. When I log intorepparttar 127943 server, I can viewrepparttar 127944 statistics using AWStats. It also shows me which keywords and key phrases people are using to find my site. One great advantage I have found with this method is that you can come up with keyword ideas that you would have never thought about. Because people are finding you with these keywordsrepparttar 127945 search engines must have you indexed

Online Dictionary and Thesaurus

Well, you may have wanted to stay away from them in school, but, crack them open. These can provide you with additional ideas to then use in Overture, 7Search, etc..

Word Tracker

This service is packed with many rich features to assist in keyword research. It starts at $6US per day. For $225US annually you are free to use it as much as needed. There is also a free version which does not have many ofrepparttar 127946 extended features. I however recommend starting with this version. It will give you a taste of how it works.

Use this resource to investigate how much traffic a site is receiving. You cannot research individual keywords and key phrases.

As a final note putrepparttar 127947 required time into researching keywords and key phrases prior to submitting your site or starting a PPC campaign. Otherwise you are feeling around inrepparttar 127948 dark trying to find your niche. It is time expensive, but not so for your wallet. This fares well for online home businesses where time is usually not a concern.

For more information on keyword research I suggest checking out They offer a lot of advice on search engine marketing.

Dan J. Fry is an independent researcher and owner of, a site devoted to providing resources for small budget home businesses. He has a PhD in Physics and is married with two daughters and two cats. Subscribe to his free E-Zine on home business resources at or by visiting his Home Business Resources and Tips site. He can be reached at .

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