General Douglas MacArthur's Disappearance

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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“General Douglas MacArthur -- Another World War II hero, he helped to cover up Japanese war crimes involving chemical and biological experiments on American prisoners so that we could userepparttar secret results. (3) This operation and others directly involved MacArthur's chief of staff, Colonel Charles Willoughby, who is in reality a Nazi criminal, Kurt Weidenbach.” (4 & 5)

So why did MacArthur simply disappear fromrepparttar 149827 world stage? It isrepparttar 149828 same people and plan that includesrepparttar 149829 assassination of JFK. JFK was about to stop interest onrepparttar 149830 US debt as well as endrepparttar 149831 spy network which is run byrepparttar 149832 Merovingian Rothschild complex includingrepparttar 149833 IMF and World Bank. There are other issues includingrepparttar 149834 Russell Merovingian drug business that George Bush fronted in China and as CIA executive. There isrepparttar 149835 issue of Old Joe Kennedy andrepparttar 149836 mob as well asrepparttar 149837 image or Spin thatrepparttar 149838 Kennedy Stuart Merovingians needed to maintain despite their children being drug using womanizers or consorts withrepparttar 149839 highest paid prostituterepparttar 149840 world has ever seen, who later married (Please check into Jackie’s marriage agreement with Onassis who was part of his family’s long term involvement in drug running out of Smyrna.) another Merovingian. There are lots of details inrepparttar 149841 confusion of Plausible Deniability and patsy types who keep us and our attention mired down in all manner of games. But first onrepparttar 149842 list of causes forrepparttar 149843 assassination of JFK, Lincoln and Garfield arerepparttar 149844 banking interests. In factrepparttar 149845 corporate behemoth and involvement ofrepparttar 149846 international financial concerns who ownrepparttar 149847 media has gone unabated and their temerity knows no bounds. But people like Chomsky and McLuhan still don’t write it plain and simple – secret societies arerepparttar 149848 main clearing-house and planning group. They do say it is speeches or in person though.

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Home Video? Bring it on.

Written by David D. Deprice

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