Gender Equality In Business: We've Come a Long Way, But We Still

Written by Alvin Apple

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As people working in small home-businesses, we can help to make change in these areas. By stepping out ofrepparttar brick and mortar business world we have already effectively said no to corporate politics. Already, far more women are having success with online and home businesses than with regular corporations. Just look at Meg Whitman of Ebay and Abbie Drew of DEMC. Although Meg came into Ebay later inrepparttar 131151 game, she has made itrepparttar 131152 most successful online retail auction business inrepparttar 131153 world. Abbie Drew started from scratch, and now DEMC,repparttar 131154 Internet's very first business ezine, provides advertising and expert small business advice for hundreds of thousands of people.

This is all great, but why not take it a step further? Take a stand for gender rights and commit to treating men and women with absolute equality in all your business dealings. When making a decision to use someone's services or ask for someone's advice be open minded. Remember, it's your colleague's track-record, qualifications and personality that make themrepparttar 131155 great businessperson they are, not their gender.

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Written by Craig Lock

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Some women manage to lead active and fulfilling lives in their later years even when living alone. But inrepparttar majority of cases these are women who have made, or made for them, provision for their financial security.

It is possible to be happy, active and fulfilled onrepparttar 131149 State old age pension. But this is not easy... especially these days Anyway, State Pensions all overrepparttar 131150 world are being drastically reduced. The politicians say with an aging population they are unaffordable (is there such a word?)... but who can ever believe a politician! My advice: Take responsibility for your own financial destiny. Make a commitment to save something out of your pay packet.



The statistics ofrepparttar 131151 divorce rate don't always prove that marriage is in a bad state. In many instances they prove that women are no longer prepared to put up with all that they were asked to endure. "Sorry guys, I'm off!" Unpleasant as it may be, divorce often comes as a blessing. But it can never come as anything but a tragedy ifrepparttar 131152 separation means a lowering of standards, having to refuserepparttar 131153 family little pleasures they have grown used to.

The woman who starts out to plan her own future is not only able to cope if something should happen, but is less likely to have it happen.



"It's morbid". "We don't want to think about it."

That has been used as an excuse time and time again. But not thinking about it won't prevent it happening. The time has come to be positive. But taking a hard look now at your situation and doing something about it won't be tempting fate. But it will be a positive step towards making sure that no matter what life may have in store , good or bad, you can rest easy inrepparttar 131154 knowledge that you can cope on your own if necessary. And that's a feeling every woman inrepparttar 131155 country should get to know. Because without financial independence most ofrepparttar 131156 other rights women now have are hardly worth having.


Whatever you decide to do about your financial security, DO SOMETHING. PLAN forrepparttar 131157 future and let financial services products like life assurance work for you. They don't have to be such a "drag" or a painful nuisance to you and your family. One ofrepparttar 131158 greatest human wants is a feeling of security and only life assurance can give you that peace of mind. As Winston Churchill once said so well :" If I had my way I would writerepparttar 131159 words 'insure, insure, insure' above every household door".

No matter where you are floating downrepparttar 131160 river of life, make a PLAN to achieve financial independance.

Then put it into ACTION

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