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Written by Alain Darbellay

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Atrepparttar time ofrepparttar 124184 great dryness inrepparttar 124185 south, sapphire samples are found onrepparttar 124186 ground, several centuries after their first discovery. Actually, one ofrepparttar 124187 most beautiful quality inrepparttar 124188 world is just leaving ground. Rare Stones Safari

The Yellow orthoclase from Itrongay, was found in eluvium, but comes from a pegmatite with diopside of a very special type, which presentsrepparttar 124189 single characteristic to be made of transparent minerals only.

About Ilakak

It is inrepparttar 124190 accesses ofrepparttar 124191 downwards brook named Ilakaka thatrepparttar 124192 first sapphires were found in 1998. The excavations followrepparttar 124193 gravel deposits whichrepparttar 124194 Madagascans call lalam' bato, (the way of stones.)

The essential characteristic ofrepparttar 124195 Isalo formations is their main constitution of soft sandstones, very permeable, badly cemented which disaggregate easily on surfaces by giving thick siliceous sand coverings. Sakalama This sapphire of natural color, therefore untreated was found in alluvium inrepparttar 124196 sandstones. This is why it does not have any more its original shape. The first deposits consist of conglomerates, gravels and sands, One finds there elements of rocks and minerals: quartz, feldspars, micas, zircons, tourmalines, ilmenites, magnetite, monazite, rutile, chrysoberyls, corundum. Andranondambo Area The occurrences ofrepparttar 124197 Andranondambo area were industrially exploited since 1993 and have been almost abandoned few years later. Actually, it is very difficult to exploit sapphire direct inrepparttar 124198 mother rock, becauserepparttar 124199 corundum is not concentrated enough. This sapphire was sold as a Kashmir Sapphire by some dealers onrepparttar 124200 international market.

Pakistan Gem Safari The Northern areas conceals treasures, such of rubies, emeralds, sapphires, aquamarines, topazes, tourmalines etc. This is atrepparttar 124201 occasion of one of our visits inrepparttar 124202 valley, that some children tolled us that they found some fragments of emerald inrepparttar 124203 Swat river. Gem Adventure (novel)

The plane landed early – something extremely rare onrepparttar 124204 AirMad line serving Tananarive. Mrs. Nory was standing onrepparttar 124205 airport's tarmac, right next to a gendarme. She welcomed her daughter Tina coming back from Belgium. © 1987 - 2004 All rights reserved.

Diamond Flashes

Written by Laura Ciocan

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Find-diamonds computer program

Partition Enterprises has been working together withrepparttar De Beers company andrepparttar 124183 University of Queensland to develop a program that calibratesrepparttar 124184 density separator x-ray sorting machines more accurately, thus maximizerepparttar 124185 diamond yield. Partition will showcase their products atrepparttar 124186 Electra Mining 2004 Exhibition in Johannesburg.

De Beers sightholders

Sightholder firms have to satisfy various criteria such as a high degree of expertise in valuing rough diamonds, high experience in cutting and polishing. De Beers has 125 sightholders to whom they assure a monthly direct supply of rough diamonds and from whom they collect around $ 600 million. The privilege of being a sightholder company is carefully preserved, as being a sightholder means being „onrepparttar 124187 cards”, otherwiserepparttar 124188 supply of diamonds may become dangerously scarce for that company. That is whyrepparttar 124189 offered diamonds will be eventually purchased regardless of their quality –repparttar 124190 pack diamonds can be argued on but they are very rarely rejected, asrepparttar 124191 sightholder cannot afford to lose its status and breakrepparttar 124192 relationship with De Beers Diamond Trading Company, relation that is essential for business. In Japan,repparttar 124193 only company appointed as sightholder is Tasaki.

Innovative complementary grading tool

A new feature will be added in grading reports:repparttar 124194 light performance. Althoughrepparttar 124195 concept of measuringrepparttar 124196 light performance of diamonds has been introduced six years ago, this standard of diamond evaluation was never introduced intorepparttar 124197 grading reports of diamond grading laboratories. GemEx Systems, Inc. of Wisconsin and EGL USA of New York will provide a combined diamond grading report to diamond customers – besidesrepparttar 124198 certification ofrepparttar 124199 4Cs, its light performance will be measured. The specific section inrepparttar 124200 report will containrepparttar 124201 results of diamond analysis under six different lighting angles. The GemEx Light Performance Report makesrepparttar 124202 difference between diamonds with similar 4C characteristics that can differ in brilliance, fire and sparkle. The analysis isrepparttar 124203 result of a patented spectrophotometer technology based onrepparttar 124204 computerized BrillianceScope that measures diamonds’ brilliance, fire and sparkle, providing a powerful tool forrepparttar 124205 cutting, sales, buying and marketing of fine diamonds.

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