Geek Speak II - The Awakening

Written by John Warzecha

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This is not to suggest that elderly people cannot become computer literate, butrepparttar approach ofrepparttar 127445 first salesman convinced them that it was beyond them. Oncerepparttar 127446 second salesman discovered something of their needs, he began talking aboutrepparttar 127447 simplicity of e-mail and how they could stay in touch fairly easily. He talked about doing searches throughrepparttar 127448 Internet on their favourite history topics, andrepparttar 127449 various cooking news groups that could be accessed online. He carefully told them about accessing information online without using technical jargon and how they could actually send and receive pictures. The possibility of receiving pictures of their grand-children intrigued them. They really likedrepparttar 127450 idea that, even though they may not be able to get to Australia, they could receive regular pictures of their grand-children growing up. When he talked aboutrepparttar 127451 capability ofrepparttar 127452 computer, he used language that they understood. They receivedrepparttar 127453 same information as they did fromrepparttar 127454 first salesman, but in a language that was not peppered with impressive Geek-Speak. He sold them on ideas that were interested in. Byrepparttar 127455 time he finished, they had bought over three thousand dollars worth of computer equipment. He did not sell themrepparttar 127456 computer and peripherals- they were ready to but- but they just wanted to understand what they were buying. This kind of simplification ofrepparttar 127457 techno-babble or Geek-Speak that I discussed in my first article can affect sales, not only in a store situation, but also online. There will always be a necessity to use Geek-Speak but it is essential to know your audience. More sales are lost because someone, in a misguided attempt to impress their audience, confuses that same audience with a barrage of technical jargon or Geek-Speak. One must judgerepparttar 127458 audience carefully andrepparttar 127459 first step is to listen torepparttar 127460 questions that are being asked. Better still, ask questions that will elicit a response that will result in gaining some information aboutrepparttar 127461 prospective purchaser. It is easy to sell someone a product that they are impressed with but that they don't need. The most successful sales people however, are those who sell someone a product they need. The result is repeat sales becauserepparttar 127462 customer knows that their needs will be met and they won't be loaded up with peripherals that become dust collectors.

John Warzecha, who holds a teaching degree, a B.A., and an M.A., is V.P. of Communications at Wyka-Warzecha Enterprises,, a site devoting to helping website designers achieve amazing special effects, streaming audio with easy to use Java based products.

How To Use The Phone And Your Smiling Face To Turn Leads Into Sales

Written by Kahlia Hannah

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Then follow up with a letter. Mentionrepparttar time or two you tried to call, then lay out your offer and giverepparttar 127444 customer several ways to contact you. It's a good idea these days to include an email address. Many customers will send you a note after hours when they have more time to consider your offer.

These techniques work great for current and previous customers and prospects who have shown interest but haven't bought. It is a little trickier reaching people who should want to buy from you, but don't know about you yet. For that you need direct marketing.

Direct marketing comes in many forms ranging from simple postcards, to sales letters, to radio spots, to magazine ads. Try to target your direct marketing to a group of people who are most likely to want what you sell.

Here's an example Roy paints cars. He provides a high-end paint job with a specialty in restoringrepparttar 127445 paint on old cars. Roy knows he can get a lot of great customers fast and cheap if he could find a big bunch of people who collect classic cars fromrepparttar 127446 50's and 60's.

First Roy contacts several classic car clubs in his area. He discovers one has 300 members while another claims 700 members. Roy calls and explains torepparttar 127447 club presidents how his service could be a big help to their members. Then he drops by with photos of past jobs and a collection of recommendation letters from previous customers.

In no time, Roy getsrepparttar 127448 list of mailing addresses for allrepparttar 127449 members in both clubs. He prints up a brochure with some of his photos, an explanation of how he restores paint jobs, and comments from past customers. He also has a freelance writer create a sales letter for him. The letter offersrepparttar 127450 member a special, limited-time discount for club members. Then he mailsrepparttar 127451 brochure and letter to 50 members per week.

Will this get results? You bet! Even though none ofrepparttar 127452 1,000 classic car owners has ever heard of Roy, he offers justrepparttar 127453 kind of service a great many of them need. If he provides a good value, Roy will be swimming in customers for months and years to come.

Use these simple steps to quickly build leads and turn them into buying customers. There is no faster way to improve profits NOW!

Kahlia Hannah provides marketing advice and popular promotion packages. See her low-cost direct marketing and PR deals at http://MarketingHelp.NET Reach Kahlia at or 801-328-9006.

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