Gay Zombie Hunter's Dilemma

Written by Karl Mueller

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Current day, it has been fairly uneventful; easy jog pastrepparttar horde of slow-moving decayed masses. That is until I am now met withrepparttar 141687 hardest choice I’ve ever had to make. From out ofrepparttar 141688 crowds has come a familiar face. Who else could it be butrepparttar 141689 iconic American singer, film actress, director and producer extraordinaire? Yes, it is Barbara Streisand, and she is inrepparttar 141690 way. There are no 2 ways about it. If I want that crystal serving tray I am going to have to take my trusty pink chainsaw to her crooked zombie nose. Or should I accept defeat, and allow my role model to passrepparttar 141691 curse on to me? Could be an honor really, but it could berepparttar 141692 worst defeat of my life (andrepparttar 141693 end of it, for that matter).

What should I do? Please, I need your help because my logic is not sound atrepparttar 141694 moment. Visit me at , and hurry! I do not have much time.

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Written by Thor Trewoofe

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It is estimated that 64.5% of American adults are now categorized as overweight according torepparttar American Asssociation Obesity. As if that's not enough, more than 40% of household pets today are said to be obese, causing alarm amongrepparttar 141489 nation's pet-insurance providers as health-related illness claims for "Max" or "Minnie" spiral out of control.

According to, (a remarkable database of delightful doggie doodads for canine consumers), there's something for everyone who enjoys a bit of "Rufus retail therapy". Forget about "letting sleeping dogs lie", or "teaching old dogs new tricks", because if one's keen about making sure "every dog has his day", then "putting onrepparttar 141490 dog" is all that's required (plus a valid credit card of course).

In case anyone thought that America is going torepparttar 141491 dogs, they could be right! Here’s a hint of how important these pooch products and dandy “dogs” of all kinds are torepparttar 141492 economy ofrepparttar 141493 world’s richest country:

Home & Garden (48,579) Books (19,991) Apparel (6,870) Kitchen & Housewares (1,110) Tools & Hardware (898) Sports & Outdoors (804) Outdoor Living (678) Jewelry, Diamonds & Watches (543) Video (424) Automotive (300) Health & personal Care (295) Toys & Games (262) DVD (182) Gourmet Food (158) Everything Else (154) Electronics (151) Classical Music (139) Office Products (101) Software (91) Musical Instruments (55) Magazine Subscriptions (40) Computer & Video Games (33) Computers (21) Baby (21) Imaginarium (20) Camera & Photo (3) Beauty (2) Wireless Accessories (2) Movie Showtimes (1) Restaurant Menus (295) Industrial Supplies (279) Lifestyle & Gifts (140) Arts & Hobbies (139) Scientific Supplies (85) Home Furnishings (49) Medical Supplies (47) Free Music Downloads (28) ZShops (14,904) Meanwhile acrossrepparttar 141494 pond in England, professionals from "PetPlanet" point out that one insurance company has collected file cabinets of doggy data about which mutts haverepparttar 141495 highest accident-rate. So do take care and avoid namingrepparttar 141496 silly scamp Rush, Fagin, Heinze, Berty, Ruskin, Jena, Cagney, Captain, Brook, or Radar please.

Lest anyone think that life has not gone torepparttar 141497 dogs, one only has to readrepparttar 141498 anecdotes of Aesop (whom it seems had a penchant for pooch platitudes judging from his wildebeest works entitled “The Dog inrepparttar 141499 Manger”, “The Dog andrepparttar 141500 Wolf” and “The Fox, The Cock andrepparttar 141501 Dog”).

Mayrepparttar 141502 Force of Fido be with you and yours forever and ever! PS...and don't forget to celebraterepparttar 141503 55th anniversary of "Snoopy" (the best-known, blinking beagle in town) plus allrepparttar 141504 gang from "Peanuts" cartoon strip this year!

Thor Trewoofe, a glad-handing globe-trotter with a keen interest in those virile vikings who once ruled the world of whacking, whomping, and perhaps far too much whoopdedoing for their own good, and an accidental tourist in the Court of the Quipping Queen at

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