Gas Pump Fever

Written by Vijay Gibson

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Though they live half a world apart, Jack in Australia and Cyril in Southern California,repparttar music they make together brings all of us closer. So while you’re in line, sing along to "Gas Pump Fever" and perhaps it won’t feel quite so bad.

"Gas Pump Fever" is only one ofrepparttar 118194 great songs on Cyril May and Jack McDonald’s CD "Off The Beaten Track". Listen to samples of their tunes onrepparttar 118195 web site: , and place your order online. For more information contact via postal mail at 266 Orizaba, Long Beach, CA 90803; 562/433-0734 or email at

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Mendacino Madness Millionaire

Written by VJ Gibson

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It’s a sassy, tongue-in-cheek commentary on today, rife with good humor and sarcasm, yet so benign parents buyrepparttar CD for their kids.

Cyril May is an Australian living in Long Beach, California with his American wife Dottie, while Jack McDonald is Mexican born living in Australia with his Australian wife Cheryl. The juxtaposition ofrepparttar 118193 duo makes an interesting contribution torepparttar 118194 music. Both are talented musicians, and each lends his special flavor torepparttar 118195 music. On Mendicino Madness Millionaire, "Fabulous" Jack McDonald plays lead and rhythm guitar; Cyril performs on keyboard and handlesrepparttar 118196 vocals.

For more information on this fresh yet traditional music, contact Cyril May by phone: 562/433-0734, email: or snail-mail: 266 Orizaba, Long Beach, CA 90803. Check out samples ofrepparttar 118197 pair’s other tunes onrepparttar 118198 website:

Freelance Writer in Ashland, Oregon

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