Gas Perm Lens Solutions : New Rules for Lens Care

Written by James Perez

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New pH Adjusting Solution for RGPs:

One really great development in solutions specifically for rigid gas permeable lenses isrepparttar new Alcon "Unique pH" solution. Some lens wearers inrepparttar 151118 past have experienced irritation in adjusting to lenses becauserepparttar 151119 pH ofrepparttar 151120 lens is different thanrepparttar 151121 natural pH of their eyes. In response to this,repparttar 151122 new "Unique pH" solution was developed so it automatically adjusts its pH to matchrepparttar 151123 pH ofrepparttar 151124 wearer's tears. In fact,repparttar 151125 company offers to packrepparttar 151126 lenses in this solution prior to shipping, so they will already have soaked in it for awhile whenrepparttar 151127 patient gets them. In this way, they will already be ready to adjust torepparttar 151128 patient's eyes as soon as they arrive, making for a much smoother adjustment period forrepparttar 151129 patient.

It's clear right away thatrepparttar 151130 choice of lens solutions is not so simple anymore. Not only can your old solution cause problems withrepparttar 151131 new technologies, butrepparttar 151132 choice of newer solutions can also offer additional benefits thatrepparttar 151133 old types of solutions don't have. Rather than knocking yourself out worrying aboutrepparttar 151134 best solution for your own needs, your best advice is to simply check with your doctor and determine which solution will avoid problems with your lenses while maximizingrepparttar 151135 benefits you can get from new technologies. Just don't grabrepparttar 151136 same old bottle of "no-rub" solution anymore. Instead, arm yourself with a little knowledge, make your choices wisely, and you'll experience a greatly improved experience with your rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

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Your Choice: Aging Boomer or Ageless Bloomer

Written by Barbara Morris

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Here’srepparttar good news: In spite ofrepparttar 151117 pull of tradition and social expectations, people are beginning to opt out ofrepparttar 151118 traditional aging process, refusing to slow down, fall into line, give up, and drop out. Unfortunately, examples of inspiring mature lives too often remain hidden. When brought to light, we exclaim in astonishment, “Isn’t she wonderful for her age,” or “Isn’t it amazing what he is still doing?” When people learn I am still working as a pharmacist, they gasp, “You are still working full time at age 76?” Big deal! Chronological age is an accounting of time gone by, not a measure of physical or mental capacity.

Expression of amazement for age-related competence is patronizing. Ability should be valued for what it is, without reference to chronological age. That point will be reached when more influential and outspoken mature role models come out ofrepparttar 151119 “old age” closet and show, if not flaunt, what they and others are capable of accomplishing. They need to help establish an enlightened society in which healthy, productive aging is no longer newsworthy as something special. It will open doors of opportunity and possibilities now closed to valuable and talented people afflicted with nothing more incapacitating than advanced chronological age.

How about you: Are you living a life that rejectsrepparttar 151120 tyranny of chronological age? Are you happily marching forward torepparttar 151121 beat of your own personal drummer? Are you gloriously “out of sync” with convention-bound peers? Are you productively defying archaic wisdom that no longer makes sense? If so,repparttar 151122 world needs to know about you.

Inrepparttar 151123 past century,repparttar 151124 American life span has increased 27 years. Boomers arerepparttar 151125 first generation ever to haverepparttar 151126 opportunity for a healthy, productive Second Life. They can chooserepparttar 151127 traditional aging route as their parents did, or forge an exciting, unprecedented transition from fantasy-driven “young forever boomer” to real life healthy, productive, ageless bloomer. It’s a matter of choice, not chance. It’s just that simple.

Barbara Morris, R.Ph., is a 76-year-old working pharmacist and recognized expert on unique anti-aging strategies. Author of Put Old on Hold, her message is for Boomers who want to feel and function as a healthy 40 or 50 year old for 25 or more years. She calls it “Liberation Living” – a process she has discovered that bypasses infirmities and indignities of traditional old age.

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