Garage Sale Addicts/Modern Day Crusaders

Written by John Lundgren

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It seems that garage sales aren't just for newly weds furnishing their first apartment anymore. Today, a cross section of humanity jostles their way torepparttar tables at a typical sale. Just look atrepparttar 117751 cars liningrepparttar 117752 road. Mercedes and other luxury cars are sandwiched in between repparttar 117753 working class autos,trucks and clunkers. What is going on here? The answer is simple. There are treasures to discover, and there is something more.

Garage sales are now respectable!

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John Lundgren started Brain Grease to promote educational products several years ago during his teaching career. His book, "How To Turn Your Garage Sale Into A Money Machine," reflects his interest in consumer education and a life time addiction to garage sales. A free book is available at his website, called, "The Garage Sale Addict's Handbook." Get your free copy today.

How I Wrote My First How-To Manual While Working for Somebody Else

Written by Robert Brents

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Nowadays, voice recognition software (like Dragon Naturally Speaking, for example) is getting good enough that you could dictaterepparttar whole manual, either directly to your computer, or into a digital recorder that could then be plugged into your computer to allow you to downloadrepparttar 117750 digital files intorepparttar 117751 computer to be interpreted byrepparttar 117752 voice recognition software.

Best Regards, Robert Brents, "The 80/20 Guy" For your free four-lesson e-seminar, How To Write, Publish, Market & Promote Profitable How-To Manuals, email Copyright 2001 Robert Brents and Blue Gecko Press.

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