Garage Doors

Written by Matthew Anthony

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If it is traditional look that is required for a garage door then side hung garage doors arerepparttar usual solution. For those people for whom image is important, a timber side-hung door is essential. Also, for period properties, this type of garage door will be much more in keeping withrepparttar 146982 appearance ofrepparttar 146983 property rather than a newer steel or GRP style of door. Side hung doors can be fitted directly onto brick or onto a wooden frame.

The final type of door we consider isrepparttar 146984 most common variety which isrepparttar 146985 up and over garage door. There are stillrepparttar 146986 most popular type and are extremely versatile. They are manufactured from all three ofrepparttar 146987 common materials used in garage door construction, which are timber, steel and GRP. The up and over garage doors can be either automatically or manually operated which gives even more choice. Importantly, they are relatively easy to install and operate.

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Tips for Taking Care of Fine Wood Furniture

Written by Terry Weadock

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Avoid using any type of cover that has a rubber or vinyl backing on it. These materials have chemicals in them that can permanently ruinrepparttar wood finish. 2. Wood Furniture Cleaning Dust your wood furniture often to keeprepparttar 146537 surfaces shiny and bright. Always use a soft cloth to keep from scratchingrepparttar 146538 wood. When dusting, always dust withrepparttar 146539 grain ofrepparttar 146540 wood. If your furniture gets dirty, try cleaning it with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. If this does not work, try using a mild soap and water solution on your cloth, and try it again. When done cleaning with soapy water, use a different cloth soaked in warm water (no soap) to removerepparttar 146541 extra soap residue. When done, wipe down with a dry cloth to remove any extra moisture. Scratches and dings can sometimes be removed with furniture touch-up products that can be purchased at fine furniture stores, or at hardware stores. Try to avoid over polishing wood furniture. This can result in a wax build-up which will dullrepparttar 146542 shine of your wood. 3. Wood Furniture Storage Wood is susceptible to damage from humidity. Thus, damage can occur if your furniture is stored in a place with too much humidity, or too little humidty. Basements are generally fairly damp, so if you plan on storing your fine furniture inrepparttar 146543 basement be sure to get a dehumidifier. You should also coverrepparttar 146544 furniture with cloths to prevent a build-up of dust.

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