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Continued from page 1 Toolbar has a substantial marketing background since a thorough intelligence has been carried out to definerepparttar most critical issues users seek. Gamblers worldwide suffer fromrepparttar 110068 lack of information and objective appraisal of gambling sites while this turns to be vital in their gambling experience. Taking this into account, Toolbar has been specially developed to supplyrepparttar 110069 gambler demand for verified and reliable information on online gambling resources.

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“Oktoberfest” – the legendary Bavarian Beer festival -comes to London

Written by German News

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Tickets for this spectacular event are £29 (ex VAT) for Single bookings and £250 (ex VAT) for a table for 10 persons including unlimited Bavarian beer.

When: Friday, October 15th, 22nd and 29th / Starting 5pm - midnight

Where: Restaurant/Bar / 1-2 Limeburner Lane, London EC4

Programme: Bavarian Ooompah-Music & Yodelling / Bavarian Olympics Food & Drinks Original Bavarian Wheat beer "Erdinger" / German Bratwurst and Pretzels

Prices: "All inclusive" UNLIMITED Beer, Bratwurst & Pretzels and Soft drinks Single Ticket £29 (ex VAT) / Table for 10 people £250 (ex VAT)

Booking forms and further information can be found at

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