Gallstones and Coffee! Who Would Have Thought?

Written by Randy Wilson

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This was also true for pancreatic cancer; a study in 1981 showed a possible association with coffee consumption, but most studies since then have not shown a statistically significant relationship.

This study also showed that coffee consumption reducedrepparttar risk of colorectal cancer, particularly cancer centered inrepparttar 141902 colon.

The Department of Medicine atrepparttar 141903 Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, also did a statistical analysis of twelve published articles pertaining torepparttar 141904 relationship between coffee consumption andrepparttar 141905 reduced risk of colorectal cancer. This analysis determined thatrepparttar 141906 lower risk of colorectal cancer due to coffees was particularly observed in studies from Asia, Northern and Southern Europe, and North America.

Whilerepparttar 141907 analysis could not definitively state that there is a relationship due torepparttar 141908 difference inrepparttar 141909 waysrepparttar 141910 various studies were conducted,repparttar 141911 results did indicate as previously published that coffee consumption loweredrepparttar 141912 risk of colorectal cancer.

The Department of Nutrition atrepparttar 141913 Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts, looked atrepparttar 141914 possible relationship between coffees consumption and gallstones.

The researchers particularly examinedrepparttar 141915 relationship between cholecystectomy, a surrogate of symptomatic gallstone disease, and coffees consumption in women. Over twenty years, over 80,000 women were studied to watch for various gastrointestinal health issues.

The researchers found that drinking caffeinated coffees reducedrepparttar 141916 risk of symptomatic gallstone disease in women. The same institute also studied this same relationship between coffees consumption and gastrointestinal health issues in men. Over 46,000 men were surveyed.

This study found that increasingrepparttar 141917 intake of caffeinated coffees (four or more cups daily) decreasedrepparttar 141918 risk of symptomatic gallstone disease. In total, these studies have shown that there may be some relationship betweenrepparttar 141919 consumption of caffeinated coffees andrepparttar 141920 reduction of risk of several gastrointestinal health issues.

These studies showed that there is a significant probability of benefit with regards to cirrhosis ofrepparttar 141921 liver, colorectal cancer, and gallstones. There was not enough data to conclusively staterepparttar 141922 same about other cancers, including that ofrepparttar 141923 bladder and pancreas.

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Eating Healthy with a Meat Grinder

Written by Kaitlin Carruth

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Mean and Lean Sausage

2 lbs boneless, skinless turkey breast 1 lb boneless pork loin 1 tablespoon browning and seasoning sauce ½ teaspoon garlic ½ teaspoon onion and a pinch of salt and pepper

Place turkey breast and pork loin through meat grinder and combine with seasonings.

For sausage links: Use a sausage funnel with a ¾-inch tip to place meat intorepparttar casings. While holdingrepparttar 141828 casing securely in place with one hand, use a spoon to pushrepparttar 141829 meat mixture through. Cut offrepparttar 141830 ends ofrepparttar 141831 casings, still leaving an inch or two at each end to twist or tie off. Boil water in a skillet and place sausages inside. Lowerrepparttar 141832 heat and cover. Letrepparttar 141833 sausages cook for about ten minutes. Uncover and put to medium heat for a few minutes until they are brown.

For patties: Shape meat into small patties. Bring a skillet to medium heat and spray with a non-stick spray. Cook patties for about 3 minutes, flip and cook other side until thoroughly cooked about another 3 minutes).

Serve warm. Enjoy a tasty sausage withoutrepparttar 141834 guilt.

Lean sausage is just one example of how owning your own meat grinder can help you eat healthier. The possibilities are endless. A meat grinder will help you live a healthy lifestyle by letting you cut downrepparttar 141835 fats in your meat and improvingrepparttar 141836 quality of your protein intake. A meat grinder can help you in your pursuit of eating and living healthy.

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