Gain control over your screensavers with this simple steps

Written by David Schomberg

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Even if it's more complex, still it's very easy to use. It will allow you to disable screensavers very quickly. You will be able to control your screensavers in three ways: by clickingrepparttar icon inrepparttar 139399 system tray, by movingrepparttar 139400 mouse into one ofrepparttar 139401 screen corners and by pressing a combination of keys on your keyboard.

This software will let you decide what it should do if you placerepparttar 139402 mouse cursor in one of your monitor corners. You can setup it to turn screensavers off if you place your cursor inrepparttar 139403 left corner and turn them back on if you place it inrepparttar 139404 right corner. I found this option to be very useful and very easy to use.

In addition, you can set a pair of keyboard shortcuts to quickly disable or activate any screensaver, prevent screensavers from starting and inrepparttar 139405 same time it won't let your monitor go in power saving and power-off modes. Aside this it has many other features that will make your life a lot more easier.

After reading this very simple steps you have now gained more control over your screensavers. Now, just go on and put them under control.

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About distributing your AVI movies

Written by Jakob Jelling

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Another important aspect to take into account regarding AVI files is thatrepparttar audio data occupies much more space thanrepparttar 139331 video one. This way, it is very important that your movie's audio data is carefully compressed as well asrepparttar 139332 video data is, or otherwise it could occupy much more space than you would have thought.

If you do not know which audio codec to choose for your audio AVI file, MPEG Layer 3 is one ofrepparttar 139333 most advisable ones. This codec would allow you to compress your audio file converting it into a much smaller file and without loosing much of its quality, although it will not be exactlyrepparttar 139334 same than it was before being compressed. There also are other good codecs, but due to these files high size, all of them would cause your movie to loose some of its audio quality.

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