Written by Victoria Elizabeth

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When it comes to choosing lovely libertines or life-time companions, "Roosters" are a rather discerning lot. Not any creature will do thank you. Just keep those fowl-challenged folk (likerepparttar rambuctious, twitchy-nosed "Rabbit") well away from those ripsnorting Red "Roosters" -- pleeease!!

The best mates for "Roosters" are "Snakes". Just avoid talking about Adam and Eve, orrepparttar 118091 snake inrepparttar 118092 Garden of Eden apple; it spoilsrepparttar 118093 Rooster's appetite. And whatever you do, make sure you don't introduce any snake oil sales associates, snake charmers, and snakes inrepparttar 118094 grass ... or there will be hell to pay! If you don't know any venomless serpents, try "Oxes". Every "Rooster" needs to find a beautiful if not brave beast of burden willing to plod along affectionately, and not to complain too loudly about having to share a load of smelly organic material fromrepparttar 118095 barnyard of life.

And as a final note, in order to keep your rooster happy, just follow these three things:

1. Let them be Cock ofrepparttar 118096 Walk/Wok for one day. (Heck, thatísrepparttar 118097 least you can do; after all, they know how to keep time, dorepparttar 118098 runway thing, and cook stir fried meals for guests -- you donít)!

2. Listen to their cock and bull stories. (They desperately need an appreciative audience and besides, you donít really mind being entertained by a Big Bad Rooster do you!)

3. Warmrepparttar 118099 cockles of their hearts like thereís no tomorrow; youíll have a fabulous feng-shui friend to play with for at leastrepparttar 118100 next 365 days, or possibly a lifetime and beyond -- provided you blow sweet nothings softly in his/her ear. (And donít forget, this advice also works well on February 14th, "Valentineís Day", another occasion to try out allrepparttar 118101 really neat adult toys, chocolate candy kisses, and little red hearts.)

Mayrepparttar 118102 Feng-Shui Force Be With You This Year, and before I forget ...



Victoria Elizabeth, contributes her pithy poppycock to anyone who will listen -- especially her loyal, long-suffering subjects over in the Court of the Quipping Queen at

Mindfulness and Laughter: Gaining Clarity While Giggling

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

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I was chagrined, and then annoyed, and continued to watch my response to this incident shift overrepparttar next few minutes.

Had it been funny? Of course. Were we supposed to be concentrating fully onrepparttar 118090 moment? Absolutely. Anything else would be attachment to past regrets or worries aboutrepparttar 118091 future.

Okay, so we were focusing on watching our thoughts, and this little interruption was not part of what was going on in our heads. But isn't ignoring what's happening around usrepparttar 118092 same kind of thing that gets us into trouble back inrepparttar 118093 Real World?

We go about our lives, obsessing silently, moving mindlessly, getting things done. We fail to noticerepparttar 118094 wonder and joy and beauty all around us because we are in full scowl mode aboutrepparttar 118095 things in our heads.

Well, I'm all for taking time to laugh. Give me a giggling guru over a dour taskmaster every time. The greatest guides--in business, education, and personal success--are those who encourage us to invite hilarity into our lives whenever it happens to appear.

Open your eyes torepparttar 118096 silliness around you, and laugh out loud. It's good for your heart in every way.

Maya Talisman Frost is a mind masseuse offering specialized mindfulness training in Portland, Oregon. She teaches eyes-wide-open ways to get calm, clear and creative. To subscribe to her free weekly ezine, the Friday Mind Massage, visit

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