GOLDEN RING of Russia - Travel Guide, Part 2

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Yuriev-Polsky (founded in 1152, population 20,000) - was founded byrepparttar Prince Yury Dolgoruky (who also founded Moscow in 1147) and named after himself. The second word "Polsky" means "amongrepparttar 143855 fields" as it is situated inrepparttar 143856 heart of fertile and flat Suzdal land. These beautiful landscapes inspiredrepparttar 143857 great painters and writers such as Repin, Tyutchev, Odoevsky, Soloukhin. Local textile centre sincerepparttar 143858 18th century.

HOW TO GET THERE: By plane to Moscow. From Moscow you can travelrepparttar 143859 cities and towns ofrepparttar 143860 Golden Ring either by a tour bus or by a river cruise ship. The last option limitsrepparttar 143861 number of towns that you can visit as they have to be situated close torepparttar 143862 Volga river. We recommend you to take a bus tour for 3 to 10 days depending on your stamina and level of interest in Russian history. A typical 3-4-day tour from Moscow covers up to 7 cities and towns ofrepparttar 143863 Golden Ring. You travel duringrepparttar 143864 day time in a comfortable bus with a well-trained English-speaking guide and spend nights at hotels with Western-class service (usually- 3 star). The Golden Ring tour can be perfectly combined with 2-3 day program in Moscow. Almost every major travel agency in Moscow sells Golden Ring tours and it is much cheaper to buy them onrepparttar 143865 spot in Russia then to purchase a tour included into a vacation package from Europe or overseas. Communication is not a problem, these days all personnel in respectable agencies in Russia speak English.

WHEN TO GO: The best season to travel to Russia is summer, from June to August,repparttar 143866 warmest time ofrepparttar 143867 year there. Rains are usual during summers, do not forget to pack your umbrella. Weather can be unpredictably cold, even inrepparttar 143868 European part of Russia, so take some warm clothing. You can check next week weather forecast for Moscow here.

TRAVEL TIPS: A passport and a Russian visa are required to travel in or transit through Russia. To learn more about how to obtain Russian visa please visit Russian Embassy website. Without a visa, travelers cannot register at hotels and may be required to leaverepparttar 143869 country immediately viarepparttar 143870 route by which they entered, atrepparttar 143871 cost ofrepparttar 143872 traveler. Russian customs officers strictly follow document regulations so travelers are advised to have all papers in order. It is also recommended that additional copies of passport and visa be kept in a safe place in case of loss or theft. Elderly travelers and those with existing health problems may be at risk due to inadequate medical facilities. Doctors and hospitals often expect immediate cash/dollar payment for health services at Western rates so supplemental medical insurance with specific overseas coverage is very useful. Travelers should be certain that all immunizations are up-to-date, especially for diphtheria and typhoid. Quality of tap water varies from city to city but normally is quite poor. Only boiled or bottled water should be drunk throughout Russia. Crime against foreigners in Russia continues to be a problem, especially in major cities. Pick pocketing, assaults, and robberies occur. Foreigners who have been drinking alcohol are especially vulnerable to assault and robbery in or around night clubs or bars, or on their way home. Robberies may occur in taxis shared with strangers. Be aware that public washrooms are difficult to find, and usually you have to pay there. To use a public phone you will need a token or local card. International calls can not be made from street phones. Your mobile phone will work in Moscow and Saint Petersburg but seldom in regional cities. Taxi fee must be discussed with a driver before a journey. Inrepparttar 143873 major cities you can rent a car if you do not mind fairly rugged road conditions, a few hassles finding petrol, getting lost now and then and paying high rent price. Public transport in Russia is quite good, cheap and easy to use though sometimes overcrowded. Restaurants seldom have a menu in English. Tipping is expected but not mandatory. Signs in English are common onrepparttar 143874 streets of Moscow and other big cities. In large cities it is not hard to find a passerby who can answer your questions in Engish. Electricity throughout Russia is 220 volt/50 hz. The plug isrepparttar 143875 two-pin thin European standard.

We wish you a safe and nice trip!

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Nova Scotia: Cheap Living and Retirement in Canada's Hidden Paradise

Written by Phillip Townsend

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Compared with many places inrepparttar United States, Nova Scotia enjoys a low crime rate, with incidents of violent being remarkably low. Americans don't need a visa to spend up to 180 days as a tourist in Canada and non-citizens may buy property without restrictions.

Liverepparttar 143804 good life on less than $25,000 a year. Besidesrepparttar 143805 fact that there's no such thing as a rat race in Nova Scotia, you can legally enjoy perks that are forbidden at home (such as being able to smoke genuine Cuban cigars). Its biggest asset is its cost of living. You’ll pay $12 a month for cable TV and $28 a month for home telephone service (or use a public payphone for just 20¢) can have fresh lobster, potato salad, coleslaw, bread, and mouthwatering dessert at a charming local restaurant for $17, and that includes a good bottle of local wine!

Affordable Real Estate To give you an example ofrepparttar 143806 costs in U.S. Dollars, here are some properties on offer right now (late May 2005): • A beautiful private 1-acre lakefront lot (only 35 minutes fromrepparttar 143807 capital) for only $10,500, and a 3/4-acre lot with ocean views: asking price: $14,500 (just an hour fromrepparttar 143808 capital), both perfect places to build your dream home.

• A 4-bedroom home overlookingrepparttar 143809 harbor in a charming private neighborhood for $53,750.

• A 5-acre lot to build your dream home on in a new development right onrepparttar 143810 Atlantic Ocean neat several country clubs for $36,400.

• A newly-renovated ocean-view 4-bedroom home within walking distance of a golden sand beach andrepparttar 143811 local general store (and only a 10-minute drive from one of Canada's most picturesque historic towns) can be yours for only $105,000.

• A secluded, yet accessible 340-acre parcel of land that includes a lake onrepparttar 143812 property (your own private fishing and hunting reserve). The cost: $101,000.

• A fully-furnished bachelor apartment inrepparttar 143813 city for $500 a month, which all utilities, indoor parking, TV, microwave, bed linens, dishes and eating utensils. Only a 10-minute walk torepparttar 143814 ferry.

These deals and many more make this little-known place worth investigating. Right now isrepparttar 143815 perfect time to get into Nova Scotia onrepparttar 143816 ground floor, beforerepparttar 143817 mainstream media lets everyone in onrepparttar 143818 secret and prices begin to soar.

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