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Why was this thing so? It was so because God had ordained it, and nothing could stand against His plans.

When your time of destiny comes, God will send help, and make straightrepparttar path wherein you should walk.


Irvin aka walkin2e

Author of My Walk with the Lord, www.selahbooks.com, other articles and poems (do a google or yahoo search on my name), preacher, retired military

You think you're radical?

Written by Terry Dashner

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Moreover, radicalism spread to Bohemia. Bohemia is whererepparttar Czech Republic is located. The writings of Wycliffe made their way torepparttar 146070 hands of John Huss. This is pretty amazing considering that there were no printing presses during Wycliffe’s day, and his few translations available were copied by hand. Huss was a scholar also. He had studied philosophy and theology atrepparttar 146071 University of Prague. This university went on to become one ofrepparttar 146072 most famous institutions of higher learning in Europe. Huss came to share most of Wycliffe’s views about scripture. Huss finally drewrepparttar 146073 wrath ofrepparttar 146074 Catholic Church and under guise of safe passage torepparttar 146075 Council of Constance, he was arrested and burned atrepparttar 146076 stake. His last words were, ‘Lord, into Thy hand I commend my spirit.’ I might add thatrepparttar 146077 burning of John Huss did not accomplish its objectives. His followers, called Hussites, increased more and more. One ofrepparttar 146078 Hussite groups wasrepparttar 146079 Moravians. They were famous for their missionary activities and influence on John and Charles Wesley. In 1501repparttar 146080 Hussites printedrepparttar 146081 first non-Catholic hymnbook. I think it’s rather ironic that after Huss was executed they cast his ashes intorepparttar 146082 Rhine River, flowing northward into Germany. A soon-to-be-famous German byrepparttar 146083 name of Martin Luther would one-day write, ‘If John Huss was a heretic, then there is not a single Christian underrepparttar 146084 sun.’

I could go on naming many more radicals of that time. There were men like Ulrich von Hutten (c.1488-1523) who tookrepparttar 146085 liberty of attackingrepparttar 146086 papacy as it had never been attacked in Germany. Also there was John Reuchlin (c.1455-1522) who wrote a book that was friendly towardrepparttar 146087 Jews, andrepparttar 146088 pope condemned it. And then atrepparttar 146089 apex ofrepparttar 146090 radical movement was, of course, Martin Luther. This former Catholic monk turnedrepparttar 146091 world upside down with his “revelation” of Paul’s writing torepparttar 146092 Romans—the just shall live by faith. That’s right. Martin Luther revealedrepparttar 146093 teaching about salvation by faith alone torepparttar 146094 world at no small cost. Salvation by faith alone was a radical concept forrepparttar 146095 16th century.

And there you have it. Many ofrepparttar 146096 basic doctrines of Protestant Christianity were once radical ideas and didn’t set well withrepparttar 146097 powerful Catholic Church. Today we wouldn’t call these men radicals. We’d call them reformers, visionaries, or forefathers of faith, but we certainly wouldn’t consider their beliefs radical. In like manner, one day when Jesus rules fromrepparttar 146098 Holy City of Jerusalem, we who were once considered “holy rollers” will be considered sedate compared torepparttar 146099 saints beforerepparttar 146100 throne. Brother and sister I think it’s time to get RADICAL.

Pastor Terry Dashner—Faith Fellowship Church—PO Box 1586, B.A. OK for other articles on church history—tdash0355@netzero.com.

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK

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