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What Do These People Want Or Need?

Again, just make hasty notes. What kinds of things would they buy from you?

Later, get serious about this. Check out websites where these people hang out. Readrepparttar newsletters they like. Followrepparttar 118005 forums in which they participate. In time, you'll pick up on ideas about products they want. Hopefully you'll discover one or two difficult to find. Ideal candidates for products to offer.

More important, you'll discover more about exactly who these people are. And what makes them tick.

What Interests You?

Remember, we're just brainstorming here. Quickly jot down areas of interest to you.

If there's an area you don't know much about, ask yourself if you'd like to find out more about it. If so, it goes on your list.

Wrapping It All Up With A Bow.

Whilerepparttar 118006 above is oversimplified, it is a great way to get started. There's no fun in working with people you would rather not be around. There's no profit in offering products people don't want. And you'll go nuts trying to keep up in an area that's of no interest to you.

But with an area of interest (niche), a group of people you enjoy being around (your target), and products these people want, you have a great start.

Note it doesn't cost a dime to come up with good answers torepparttar 118007 above questions.

Why Do So Many Overlook Such Fundamentals?

I'm not sure. Probably becauserepparttar 118008 need just didn't come to mind. I meet a few now and then who continue to persist in making their own rules. But forrepparttar 118009 most part, those I have met having trouble with their business, simply never gave a thought torepparttar 118010 above.

Is That All There Is To It?

No. There's more. You'll want to be dead certain you can beatrepparttar 118011 competition in your niche. And you need a solid definition of your Perfect Customer. Then a great USP (Universal Selling Proposition). But all this emerges from your answers torepparttar 118012 questions above.

Beyond this, build a website that offers your products effectively, and you are on your way to success.

Where Can I Find More Details?

Visit my site. Click Topics inrepparttar 118013 navigation bar torepparttar 118014 left. Then select Getting Started or Niche Marketing or whatever else catches your fancy. There are lots of good articles here by top notch writers. And hundreds of annotated links to other resources out and aboutrepparttar 118015 Web.

The Way To Go

Getrepparttar 118016 basics clear in your mind. Sift through information available until you have a solid grasp on what you need beyond them. Then build a great site and go all out.

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The Something-For-Nothing Syndrome

Written by Angela Wu

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Then there'srepparttar issue of investing in products or services for your business. Web hosting is a good example; although there are numerous free websites available, that doesn't mean you should use them! 'Free' websites are not actually free; you 'pay' for them by allowingrepparttar 118004 host to place ads on your website. Would YOU trust a company that couldn't even afford to pay a few bucks a month for professional hosting?

Onrepparttar 118005 Internet you can do a lot with a limited budget ... but you can't do it all for free. Invest wisely; it will help your business to become profitable more quickly.

__The 'Hobby' Rather thanrepparttar 118006 'Business'__

Building a business onrepparttar 118007 Internet isrepparttar 118008 same as building a business inrepparttar 118009 "real world". It takes commitment. You CAN build a profitable Internet business working part-time (which is how many of us start) ... but there is a world of difference between working on your business "part-time" and working on it in your "spare time".

If you want to become profitable, then commit yourself to it. Be firm! Set a minimum number of hours per week, and then DO IT. Work those hours regardless of whether or not you 'feel like it'. If you have to give up your evening 'TV time' to fit it in, then do so.

Is it possible to make a decent income from home? Sure. People from all walks of life are doing it ... but you can bet that they worked hard to get where they are today! The Internet only offers an *opportunity* to make money from home; YOU have to shape that opportunity into a profitable business. Success is in your hands!

Angela is the editor of Online Business Basics, a newsletter that offers detailed, ongoing help for eBusiness beginners. OBB is available through the eWorkingWomen's professional members site. Would you like to be a part of this exciting new community? Join us at

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