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If you have more then a few pages, get a Web creation program like Front Page. This will help you set up a system of hyperlinks and a navigation system, so you can better see what is linked to what on your Web site. Or userepparttar Web wizard available on many free sites. Finally, once you have your pages ready to upload,repparttar 134792 easiest method is using an FTP (or file transfer protocol) program - more technically called an FTP client. You can get these programs free, too. Some ofrepparttar 134793 most popular ones are WS-FTP or Cute FTP. Many Web hosts have these programs available, or go to one ofrepparttar 134794 software download sites, such as Then, download it to your desktop and double click to install it or run it from its download location. Once your FTP client is installed, click to open it up. Then, open up your files for your Web site on one side ofrepparttar 134795 FTP client (it's onrepparttar 134796 left inrepparttar 134797 WS-FTP client). Onrepparttar 134798 other side, type inrepparttar 134799 location ofrepparttar 134800 ftp site where you are putting your Web site (you will get this name from your server - for instance, Yahoo's geocities' FTP name is Finally, type in your ID name and password where indicated, highlightrepparttar 134801 files you want to transfer over, clickrepparttar 134802 indicator or arrow to do so. And voila - your Web pages are up on your Web site and you can view them in your browser. Afterwards, you can add new files or revise old ones and send them up, too. And later, when you're ready to move on, you can FTPrepparttar 134803 files for your Web site on your computer wherever you want - whether another free site or to your own domain.

Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. She is the director of CHANGEMAKERS, and a business and organizational consultant, speaker, and workshop-seminar leader, specializing in creativity, conflict resolution, and organizational behavior. Her own Web site is at She is also the co-founder of an international corporation with its Web site at

Let's Get Navigational

Written by Chrisi Darrington

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Don't place long descriptions onrepparttar site map. It's comparable to a street map. Justrepparttar 134791 facts...err... links. Place a link torepparttar 134792 site map on each page.

This will allow your customers faster access. They will not need to go back to your home page, especially ifrepparttar 134793 site map is created by adding a simple pop up window code.

Keeprepparttar 134794 main page no longer than two page lengths. If it's at all possible your main page should be visible with little if any scrolling. It's pretty hard to do, because most of us want our customers to see everything all at once.

However, if you keep your main page focus on quick links, and you don't crowd it with advertisements and other non-essentials, you should be all right. Limit it to no longer than a two-page viewing. A little scrolling is all right.

Main page should be fast loading. Nothing will kill your visits faster than a slow loading web page. Keep your main page simple. No more than a few pictures.

Remember you don't need to dazzle your customers with animations and colorful banners and pictures. Believe me... repparttar 134795 people who know this fact are making millions...

YES, MILLIONS! Their web sites are simple and FAST loading.

* Place "Back to Top" links on long scrolling pages, FAQ, or other subject type references.

* Place a "Back to Top" link atrepparttar 134796 bottom of long scrolling web pages to keep your customers happy. This makes navigation so much nicer and it's a crowd pleaser.

* Place targeted links. FAQ targeted links is a good example. Use targeted links for anything in this type of setting.

A targeted link will take your customer straight torepparttar 134797 subheading of interest. Use targeted links especially where you have many subheadings or frequently asked questions.

Remember, an easily navigated website will impress your visitors. A poorly designed web site will create a frustrated visitor who will not want to come back.

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