Written by Oscar Bruce

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Genny was baffled. She hadn't been here long, but she'd had time to learn that Glenn was a capable man who knowsrepparttar business inside and out. How could Oscar Bruce give him so much trouble, she wondered?

Oscar Bruce Gives Advice to Genny’s questions

LANGUAGE is your only source of real power. You have a language, of course. You may have more than one. It's almost a sure bet you have not been using that language withrepparttar 102095 kind of expert skill of which you are fully capable.

You’ve probably been let to believe that people who use language with great skill are either "born with a silver tongue in their mouths" or have acquired their skill overrepparttar 102096 course of many years of intensive training.

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Don't Panic If You Forget

Written by Ron Sathoff

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To prevent embarrassment, you should also to always have a back up to your memory -- a few notecards with a simple outline of your speech is always nice to have, even if it remains in your pocketrepparttar whole time.

Finally, remember that audiences are usually more forgiving than we normally give them credit for. Most groups don't care if you have to stop to take a look at your notes, as long as you provide them with good information.

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