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If you are injured, go torepparttar doctor or other medical provider immediately. A delay will cause forrepparttar 119216 company to question your injuries. Ask your doctor to photograph any marks or bruise, these wounds will heal soon. Have a copy of your medical report. Detail your injuries and how it affected your everyday living. Take note of things you might remember that you have not thought of before. All these notes will serve as evidences you can include in your demand for settlements. In taking notes, do not forget to includerepparttar 119217 date and time andrepparttar 119218 name ofrepparttar 119219 persons who provided you with information.

Look for witnesses, record their statement. List their names and other personal information. You might find reliable witnesses that will back you up. Ask for their numbers so you can contact them anytime. They might be able to tellrepparttar 119220 exact story. You might also get significant information that you failed to record.

Letrepparttar 119221 insurance company know that you are prepared. Review all these evidences as well asrepparttar 119222 company policy.

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Ask or knowrepparttar names, addresses and telephone numbers ofrepparttar 119215 individuals involved in an accident. Car owners involved must secure car insurance. If there are witnesses inrepparttar 119216 area, ask for their names, addresses, and telephone numbers, too. Assistrepparttar 119217 police withrepparttar 119218 investigation, be cooperative. Take note of important visual information, like scratches and marks onrepparttar 119219 car andrepparttar 119220 weather condition. If you do not have pen or any writing materials, reviewrepparttar 119221 scene in your mind so that you can remember it. You have to tellrepparttar 119222 police exactly what happened. Take pictures ofrepparttar 119223 cars involved inrepparttar 119224 accident. The picture must tell a detailed story. If you feel any pain or discomfort afterrepparttar 119225 accident, consult a physician right away, or else it will raise questions whetherrepparttar 119226 injury was caused byrepparttar 119227 accident or not. Consult an attorney before filling out any documents or giving your statement. Photograph wounds that heal quickly, you might need it during a case hearing or investigation. You might also need a lawyer to assist you in filling important papers, assist in court proceedings, and getting your claims.

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