Written by Tim North

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The use of a large vocabulary, attention to proper punctuation and grammar, use of visually attractive formatting, all serve to increaserepparttar value of a posting.

In short, style becomes an issue of more importance. Style is certainly an influence in visual contact (why do news anchors wear $500 suits and dresses? - style!) so it should be no surprize that it is important in writing as well.

These two writers have made an important point. How well you write is a very significant influence in determining how your e-mail will be regarded.

When all other visual cues are gone, almost all that you can present to other people are your words. It's no surprise then that those who do not write well will find this disability a far greater handicap inrepparttar 129489 textual world of e-mail correspondence.

The message then is clear. If you are what you write, write well!

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Why are Violent & Fear-Oriented Words So Popular in Online Advertising?

Written by Susan Nichols

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The unfortunate reality is that if a person were to totally avoid working with web sites that use these terms, he/she might as well not work online --repparttar usage of these words is That Prevalent!

It's obvious thatrepparttar 129487 users of these phrases do not mean them literally, but what concerns me is how saturatedrepparttar 129488 mind can become with such syntax. "Words" DO affect each of us. There is a Bible verse that says, "As a man (woman) thinketh in his heart, so is he/she" (Proverbs 23:7). As we think, we speak -- as we speak, we influence -- as we influence, we change lives!!! Let's not blast, explode, nor kill each other in our advertising! There are "numerous" online dictionaries and thesauruses where nonviolent words and terms can be found! Bookmark this one today:

This IS important! What can each of us do to make a stand against violence and terrorism? -- help change our "speech" on-line and off-line!

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