Fuzzy Names, Sweet Names

Written by Dawnell Harrison

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The next category is sweetly namedrepparttar ‘Dandy Candy-land committee.’ The sound of these names are enough for a life-time supply of insulin shots and give one a compelling urge to stock-up on countless tubes of toothpaste. For instance, Carmel and Candy….even a salt addict would get cheek pangs simply byrepparttar 118253 sound. Maybe, just maybe, I am a little prejudiced because my ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend is named Candy. Before I know her name, I asked him what it was and he told me. I only had to ask him once….the toothache and acne breakout brings back terrible memories.

Yes, I know, you’re wondering if Kitty and Candy work together serving my ex-boyfriend mixed drinks. Not only do they work together, they are also very close. Last week, Carmel overheard Candy telling Kitty, “You’rerepparttar 118254 best friend I’ve had since my cat, Mufkins, died.”

Graduate of University of Washington, published poet, animal lover/activist, and owner of spiritwhole.com.

Three colors, six tenuous links

Written by Holmes Charnley

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Well, it would appear that at last holes are being drilled inrepparttar ships hull, with a view to its eventual removal sometime this coming autumn. And as I type this, I can hear drilling coming fromrepparttar 118252 garage as my new landlord slowly gets my new accommodation finished.

It’s now June and we moved in on February 28th and still he drills away aimlessly, every other week, for a couple of hours and I think I know how that damn ship must feel.

The misery of eviction is bad enough. In my case, a solution has been found. As we waded throughrepparttar 118253 flood that had appeared at our new front door onrepparttar 118254 wettest day ofrepparttar 118255 year so far,repparttar 118256 waves listlessly, muddily seeping roundrepparttar 118257 front door, at least it’s a roof overrepparttar 118258 family’s head.

And of course there’srepparttar 118259 white horses. Fromrepparttar 118260 back ofrepparttar 118261 house we have them galloping around doing it all very well and gracefully but come Octoberrepparttar 118262 Tricolor will rememberrepparttar 118263 white horses as just a fond and distant memory.

(Never look these gift horses inrepparttar 118264 mouth. I had no idea how to tie this one up but I think that last bit just saved me.

And you.)

Freelance Journalist: a young gentleman specialising in bewildered think-pieces, autobiographical in nature.

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