"Fuzzy Headed" Job Goals Lead to a "Fuzzy Headed" Life

Written by Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

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Focus, plans, goals, action steps can keep us all out ofrepparttar fuzzy headed, fuzzy ball of thinking, which curls up on itself, yes, just like a ball of thread! Now who wants to live a life that is like a ball of thread? No one that I know of.

In order to not be fooled and trapped into lots of fuzziness thinking and acting it helps more than we all know, to have a plan. Plans which are carried out and acted upon can give a job seeker more than a fuzzy ball.

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Online Degrees Gaining More Acceptance

Written by Edna Melendez

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Consequently, employers' recognition of online degrees obtained forrepparttar newer learning institutes is onrepparttar 143478 rise asrepparttar 143479 profiles of this learning centers - andrepparttar 143480 online degrees they offer - rises. Perhapsrepparttar 143481 strongest evidence of this fact can be seen inrepparttar 143482 number of employers who are now offering their current employees with incentive schemes to undertake post-graduate online degrees (such as paying for their tuition fees and providing time-off for study) in muchrepparttar 143483 same manner as had previously been provided for more traditional methods of post-graduate programs.


3 Quick Steps To An Online Degree... Earn More, Work Less, Retire Quickly

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