Furry & Feathered Friends In Need Of Help

Written by Melody Schubert

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Volunteers and donations are a vital part of The Humane Society shelters acrossrepparttar country. Without this assistance fromrepparttar 140685 communitiesrepparttar 140686 shelters would cease to exist. The shelters are always in need of volunteers to helprepparttar 140687 staff cleanrepparttar 140688 kennels, cages, and portable crates. Assist with feedingrepparttar 140689 animals, general care ofrepparttar 140690 facilities, and help those who are considering adopting pets. The staff arrives an hour beforerepparttar 140691 shelter opens and would appreciate any help you can offer.

The Humane Society shelters in many areas also need foster homes to care for animals until they are adopted, and quality pet food. They are also in constant need of financial donations to pay for veterinary services, such as examinations, and spaying and neutering and medical supplies like antibiotics.

Anyone who would like to make a financial donation, volunteer their time should contact their local shelter. For residents in Morgon County, Indiana contactrepparttar 140692 Morgan County Humane Society to become a foster home, donate food supplies, or for adoption information, call at (765)-349- 9177. The shelter is open from 12am to 5pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Saturdaysrepparttar 140693 shelter is open from 10am to 5pm, and Sundays from 12pm to 5pm. They are closed Wednesdays. The Morgan County Humane Society is located at 690 West Mitchell in Martinsville, Indiana 46151

Reference: The Morgan County Humane Society, (765)-349- 9177

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New Book Helps Worried Owners Of A Pregnant Cat

Written by Cat Pregnancy Report

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Instead of adding it to his already very informative web site, he decided to publish a book. "Web sites have limitations", de Jong says. "People tend to scan pages and miss half ofrepparttar text. They are constantly persuaded to click through to another site. Also, printing a page isnít always easy. And if you have a dial-up account, thenrepparttar 140498 more you read,repparttar 140499 more money you pay."

To give cat owners immediate access to his book he turned How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Cat into an e-book, a digital publication downloadable from his web site. He added extra value by interviewing award-winning breeders and veterinarians specialized in cats. Their insider tips are all inrepparttar 140500 book.

How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Cat covers almost every subject related to pregnancy in cats. Heat cycles, mating, signs of cat pregnancy, food, care, birth, raising kittens ... itís all there.

"The first response from readers is very good", saysrepparttar 140501 author. "Thereís no doubtrepparttar 140502 book is a great help for owners of a pregnant cat."

Click for more information: http://www.cat-pregnancy-report.com You can order the book from this site and start reading within minutes from now.

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