Funky Garden Plants 2

Written by Valerie Garner

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Another unusual one is called Kiss Me Overrepparttar Garden Gate. Yes, this really isrepparttar 113443 name of a plant! It's official name is Polygonum orientale. It's an old-fashioned annual knotweed used for bold effect. It has large heart shaped leaves and pendulous clusters of small pink flowers. In rich, moist soil and full sun it can go to six feet tall. Best to sowrepparttar 113444 seed in fall or early spring where it is to grow.

Lastly another unusual plant to try isrepparttar 113445 Balloon Flower. These are perennial, meaning they will return year after year. The latin name for these are: platycodon grandiflorus. They are very hardy, durable plants and very beautiful. Balloon flowers are aboutrepparttar 113446 size of a ping pong ball and look like little "balloons". Once they fully open up they split and you can seerepparttar 113447 center portion andrepparttar 113448 bloom then resembles a star. They usually come in shades of purple, pink and white. Very cute,repparttar 113449 plants only get about 2 feet tall. Try one!

By Valerie Garner, mother, grandmother and candlemaker / owner of Joyful Designs in Soy

Decorating around the garden

Written by Melissa Cameron

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What a wonderful feeling that is, isn’t it? And this is something totally within your range of possibility. Think of allrepparttar things you could do to turn your yard into a park. You could put little statues at repparttar 113442 entrance, beckoning everyone that passes by to stop and commune with nature a while. If you’d like to educate your friends as they enjoy your garden, you could put up garden signs, namingrepparttar 113443 more exotic plants and flowers you’ve brought in. Great conversation pieces!

One ofrepparttar 113444 more popular items in a creative garden these days is a pond. There are dozens of types of fish you can keep, depending onrepparttar 113445 size ofrepparttar 113446 pond. You can fill it with lily pads, and floating plants. You can even put a fountain right inrepparttar 113447 pond.  There’s nothing like sitting in your yard with your eyes closed, listening to repparttar 113448 soothing sound of gently-splashing water. It just seems to take you away from it all, doesn’t it?

Gardens can be functional, too

The functional aspects of your garden can be esthetically-pleasing, too. You can now get decorative water sprinklers with a dragonfly or butterfly on top.  And garden structures don’t have to be big and ugly. You can get garden sheds that look more like little guest houses, colorfully decorated with ivy and vines.  Outsiderepparttar 113449 shed, you could put a garden bench, inviting someone to sit and take a deep breath of fresh air, fueled byrepparttar 113450 fragrance of blooming flowers.

You can dorepparttar 113451 same thing with your shade structures, too. You can strategically place canopies around your garden, creating little rest areas. Or you can get very creative with awnings, like attaching them to your gazebo, or a trellis, where they can be rolled out asrepparttar 113452 sun passes. Again, these are available in many attractive designs, fulfilling their function, while still providing a pleasant view.

And how about a deck, to connect all that garden beauty to your house. A deck can also be very functional, while still remaining charming and stylish. And you can outfit your deck with some great-looking teak patio furniture, and protect yourself fromrepparttar 113453 sun with a colorful awning that’ll match your house. Again, it can look good and provide a purpose atrepparttar 113454 same time.

What a picture you’ve painted

That’s quite a picture you’ve painted in your mind, isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to remain just a picture. You can turn it into reality any time you want. There are some wonderful Garden Centers out there. There’s sure to be one in your neighborhood. The people there are usually very knowledgeable and very helpful. They can guide you through allrepparttar 113455 phases of creating your own park in your own yard. They’ll help you findrepparttar 113456 best garden decorations. They’ll show yourepparttar 113457 best garden furniture. They’ll help you chooserepparttar 113458 best garden structures.

When you’re developing your garden, takerepparttar 113459 time to let your creative juices flow. Come up with unique ideas that identify your garden with you. Duplicate your personality in your garden.

Melissa Cameron is a successful author providing moneysaving tips and common sense advice for consumers purchasing area rugs and inflatable kayaks. Her many articles offer valuable insight and straight talk on confusing topics.

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