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Written by Susan James

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I love every inch of what I do ! Its all related to my writing ! ALL of it! Next for me is audio versions of my stuff, and folks will send me money for that.

And this essay, that you are reading isrepparttar beginning of a new book; ebook first entitled: *Manifesting E-Media* Why that as a title?

Since there is a mechanics behind having fun and money show up in our lives, and that's what I write about; that is also what I apply to my livelihood of which I have created withrepparttar 129672 Main Thread that runs through all of my writings. Simplyrepparttar 129673 themes of *User Friendly Physics*, or *How To Get What You Want w/o Goofin' It Up First!*

So, if you are a writer, please know there is *gold in them thar hills!* But you have to be willing to expand your writing beyondrepparttar 129674 actual book that you are writing or have written.

I have friends who have written Novels, and they keep having them edited and this and that, and as of yet have not made one penny off of their writing; and they keep paying for more edits. They have no energy moving , or momentum to bringrepparttar 129675 money to them in ease. They also are not willing to think past their current manuscript, and are hoping to be discovered, so they worry and wait, and hope.

Well Not me Bub, I wanna have fun while I am creating more of my writing stuff, and part of that fun is being sent money forrepparttar 129676 stuff that I do now !

And yes, I would write and have written much stuff for free, just because I love writing and have to write; but when you makerepparttar 129677 Decision that writing is your livelihood, then at some point all other income streams have to go, so that you can do only that.

It will be at this point , thatrepparttar 129678 only source you have as an income are things related to your writing. So you do want to get paid, and are no longer doing only free work. You can't do only free work forrepparttar 129679 love of writing, and live byrepparttar 129680 means that we live in todays societies.

Money helps us live as we choose and our writing can very well be a vehicle of that. And when you can do *that*, then Life is But a Dream !

Susan James, writes of *User Friendly Physics* to design our lives by; from Dreams Come True to Weight Loss: Visit Susan's website for more details! *Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires* (ebook) (by Susan James) Sample *The Branches* : Send Blank Email To:


Written by Cantara Christopher

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You’ll notice that some of these markets pay but most of them—usuallyrepparttar literary zines—don’t. Yet they ask for your best work. Why submit to them? Several reasons: Forrepparttar 129670 editors, this is a labor of love. Most frequently they have degrees in English and/or experience in traditional publishing. They love to read; moreover, their greatest desire is to make their own contribution to Literature. If you’re good, one of their life’s thrills will be to have discovered you. Also, ezines are growing in prestige, andrepparttar 129671 best of them are being read by agents and major publishers. Check outrepparttar 129672 contributors’ bios in some ofrepparttar 129673 zines here. You’ll see novelists, columnists, professors. When they place a story in a webzine their colleagues and agents will read it and probably take a look atrepparttar 129674 other pieces too.

But more importantly, placement in online zines isrepparttar 129675 best way to build up your list of credits quickly. You don’t have to be a careerist to understand that writing is a career, too, as well as a vocation and a passion. The more you place,repparttar 129676 more you’re seen. Andrepparttar 129677 more your work is accepted,repparttar 129678 likelier you are to be regarded as a serious writer to bank on by higher tiers inrepparttar 129679 publishing world.

And remember why you write inrepparttar 129680 first place. To express, to communicate—to be READ.

You can find the author at her virtual home,, where she publishes and edits the literary ezines Novelists Abroad, Postmodern Lives, and CityFables.

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