Fun and Easy Baby Shower Crafts

Written by Randy Wilson

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Baby shower crafts that takes a little bit of planning but makes a fabulous sentimental gift is a handprint quilt. You will need to precut quilt squares to do this. Choose fabric and style to matchrepparttar motherís nursery dťcor. Make sure you have enough squares Ė one for each baby shower guest.

As baby shower guests arrive atrepparttar 145152 baby shower, have them stick their hand in paint and make a simple handprint on a single square and sign their name. Try glitter, silver or gold fabric paint for a decorative touch. Let them dry. Then someone sews togetherrepparttar 145153 finished project. Optional: leave room for a larger block inrepparttar 145154 middle that saysrepparttar 145155 babyís name, birth date if known, andrepparttar 145156 phrase ďSurrounded by LoveĒ.

Finally,repparttar 145157 favorite baby shower crafts Ė this oneís to be done duringrepparttar 145158 actual baby shower. You will need one or two disposable cameras, access to a one hour photo developer, a scrapbook and scrapbooking supplies, and a couple of volunteers. For more information on baby shower scrapbooking ideas go to our page on Scrap Booking Tips.

As baby shower guests arrive, take a picture of each baby shower guest withrepparttar 145159 mother or mother and baby, and take several random, candid pictures. You want to photographrepparttar 145160 decorations,repparttar 145161 table setting, andrepparttar 145162 baby shower cake if there is one.

Whenrepparttar 145163 cameras are full, have a volunteer rush to have them developed. I suggest calling your store in advance to let them know what you are doing and to make sure they can meet your time restraints. Then, whenrepparttar 145164 baby shower pictures return, start scrapbooking! Ideally, baby shower guests would get to dorepparttar 145165 page with their picture on it. Usually, itís easy to keep this project a secret and present atrepparttar 145166 end ofrepparttar 145167 baby shower.

The mother has an instant keepsake, and again you have saved her valuable time and energy. Whether youíre scrapbooking or not, be sure to take lots of pictures. Be sure to set aside adequate space for these baby shower crafts, and delegate as many tasks as possible.

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One Manís Brush With Bankruptcy

Written by Eric Chavez

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Itís been 7 years now since that fateful day in court, when my slate was wiped clean. As relieved as I felt for no longer having to deal withrepparttar insurmountable task of paying bills I could no longer afford to pay, I didnít feel very good about myself, and still donít.

They say that a bankruptcy stays on your record for 10 years so I have 3 more years to go. Inrepparttar 145151 meantime Iím getting married soon, so how do I tell my wife-to-be that we canít buy a house just yet? We have to wait three years.

No, I havenít told her yet. Iím too ashamed.

That's why I started to let people know that there are alternatives. Hopefully, people will learn from my mistakes and think long and hard before deciding that bankruptcy isrepparttar 145152 answer.

In my opinion, it's a bad decision and a short-term fix to a more serious problem. Inrepparttar 145153 end, you still end up paying your debts inrepparttar 145154 form of internal strife, external perceptions, and higher interest rates.

Eric Chavez is an author, and researcher in the field of credit counseling, and debt relief. He enjoys helping others overcome the stigma of bankruptcy, and turn their lives right side up again. Visit his website, for more information.

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