Fun Halloween Party Themes and Ideas

Written by John Lenaghan

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Music is an important aspect of any party as well. While some spooky tunes are fun at first, youíll want to switch over to some more upbeat music oncerepparttar party gets going. People love to dance so have plenty of high energy songs ready to go. If you are inviting a variety of different people have several different types of music so no ones gets bored.

Tasty Halloween Treats

Food is an important part of any party. While you donít need to provide a full meal, some creative and tasty snacks and treats will help keep your guests fueled forrepparttar 144019 nightís festivities. Turning simple party food into ghoulish culinary delights will surprise and please your guests. Try making some bewitching cupcakes, and put out snacks such as gummy worms and other Halloween candy treats.

Costumes are a given, since this is Halloween after all. If you are having a Halloween theme of some sort, let your guests know on your invitations that they should dress to fitrepparttar 144020 theme. For instance, if youíre throwing a horror movie bash, you can simply say, ďcome as your favorite horror movie starĒ. Donít expect all your guests to comply with your request. Some people have been thinking up their Halloween costume since last year!

Donít forget aboutrepparttar 144021 party favors! Depending on how many people youíre inviting and how much youíre willing to spend,repparttar 144022 possibilities are endless when it comes to party favors. A simple idea is candy bags full of traditional treats such as candy corn. Something more substantial might be a pumpkin carving kit that comes with cutouts and tools. Your guests will love having a little something to take home with them.

Endless Costume Possibilities

If you really arenít intorepparttar 144023 scary aspect of Halloween, you can always break with tradition and hold a different type of Halloween party. Have a famous couples party or a crazy hat party instead. Guests can still dress up but might be more creative then a white sheet with holes cut out of it. Dressing up for Halloween is something that both adults and kids can enjoy so great creative and have fun with it!

Having games at your party isnít a necessity, but can be a great deal of fun for your guests. Games act as an excellent icebreaker if everyone doesnít know each other. Any games where you can break people off into teams will help to get everyone talking. Pumpkin carving contests are a good idea, as is bobbing for apples. Be sure to give a prize torepparttar 144024 best costume as well.

Your Halloween party is sure to be a success if you takerepparttar 144025 time to plan. Leave yourself plenty of time and donít forget itís allrepparttar 144026 little details that help to make a fabulous party. Enlistrepparttar 144027 help of family and friends if youíre feeling overwhelmed, and remember, planning is halfrepparttar 144028 fun!

John Lenaghan writes about party planning and other tips for the Party Ideas 4u website, where he provides valuable tips and advice about Halloween party ideas, birthday party ideas and other party planning topics.


Written by John Hutchinson

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