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Written by Phil Clelland

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Another excellent example of fulfilling a unmet need comes from Steve Loyola from BestWebBuys.com. Steve designed a site that enabled people looking to buy books and music CD's online to search for a title of a book and then display allrepparttar online stores that sell that book listing them in order of least expensive to most expensive.

Online book and music stores are not new torepparttar 117888 web but Steve saw a need with in a niche that was not being met...so he met it. Steve figured out a way to meet this need and make money from it by signing up as an affiliate withrepparttar 117889 sites he lists. He simply provides a search tool to help people findrepparttar 117890 best deal and by doing so his site has now become more popular than some of them he lists.

I want to share with you one last example that you may find helpful when it comes to developing your own business online. Bob Bingham and Jeff Swearingen saw a need in a highly competitive market that was not being met. These two entrepreneurs designed TheGift.com to be a benefit torepparttar 117891 gift buyer by helping them chooserepparttar 117892 right gift.

Giving a gift is a very personal thing and it can be somewhat frustrating so Jeff and Bob made this process much easier by designing their site in a way that actually assistsrepparttar 117893 gift buyer. You can easily select a gift by using their handy GiftFinder tool, or shop by department, relationship or occasion.

I asked Jeff his thoughts as to why his site has become so popular, he simply replied.

"It's an unmet need. Most e-commerce sites are like a department store, which is a lousy way to select and send a gift".

When developing your business online you might want to ask yourself if you are meetingrepparttar 117894 needs of those who are visiting your site. You may not berepparttar 117895 first one to meet this need but you may be able to do it better than anyone else.

Phil Clelland, Publisher of "NETzine, Internet Success Stories" Each week Phil Introduces his subscribers to another entrepreneur who's using the net to profit. Now you can learn from those who are profiting online http://www.netzinesuccess.com

10 formulas for winning products every time!

Written by Pam Renovato

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7. The List. Simply create a list of resources for a much needed topic. Suppose you were looking for places to advertise your ezine. As there are many places to do so it would be much quicker to purchase a list already created. Consider these products: "56 ways to accept credit cards with no merchant account" and "Ultimate Ezine Promotion" Both products are simply lists of resources, but they sure did make my life easier!

8. The Newsletter. This is also a winner. Create a subscription that you sell access to. Decide onrepparttar frequency. Perhaps weekly or twice weekly. Then create a newsletter on a topic that either provides them with more knowledge ofrepparttar 117887 subject or resources to help make their life easier pertaining to that subject.

9. Templates. These arerepparttar 117888 best. They certainly save both time and money. Especially if it is something that is time consuming or difficult to learn. Create templates thatrepparttar 117889 user can customize to fit their own needs. For instance: customizable web templates, ebook cover templates, fill inrepparttar 117890 blank sales letters or auto responder follow ups, Java scripts, and cgi-scripts.

10. Tutorial. Once again for every subject to be learned there is someone who needs to learn it. Create a tutorial teaching a task or process to someone. You could provide diagrams to help illustraterepparttar 117891 process. You could create a screen cam of yourself performingrepparttar 117892 same task using Lotus Screen cam http://www.lotus.com/home.nsf/welcome/screencam

Or create a movie or talk someone throughrepparttar 117893 process using RealProducer http://www.realnetworks.com/products/producer/index.html

Withrepparttar 117894 thoughts in this article andrepparttar 117895 thoughts in your head, you now have everything you need to create your own products. You have everything you need to continue to create them. What comes next is up to you. I hope I have given you a good start.

Here are a few final thoughts. Some ofrepparttar 117896 best products start from here:

Create products that you need and have not been created yet.

Study products created by others to stimulate ideas and improvements.

Write about your own experiences and how you have accomplished something.

Most importantly look inside yourself. There is a great product in everyone.

I wish you every success!

Pam Renovato is the web master of The Free Advertising Network. You don't need Batman, Robin, or the E-riddler to solve this one! "While standing there in utter amazement- Robin gives himself a virtual thwack on the head- turns to Batman and says......" Head the Batmobile here! http://thefreeadnetwork.com

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