Frugal Menu Planning--Getting Started

Written by Cyndi Roberts

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While you are making your menu plan, think about what will be happening inrepparttar next week. Is Friday night Football Game Night? Plan to have a supper that is quick to fix. Is Wednesday your day off? That isrepparttar 140672 day you might want to try out a new recipe that takes a little longer to prepare.

Whatever your schedule, plan your menus around it. And be flexible! If it snows on Tuesday, and you hadn't planned to make chili until Thursday, you can just switchrepparttar 140673 menus around.

Keep your lists, so that in weeks to come, you can be reminded of some meals your family especially liked (or disliked!). After a few weeks, you will end up with a set of weekly menus that you can use over and over.

With your plan in hand, you won't be tempted to go for takeout because you just can't think of anything to make for supper. And you won't get caught without that "one ingredient" you need to make tonight's supper, so no more last minute trips torepparttar 140674 grocery store!

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Command Performance at Commander’s Palace in Las Vegas

Written by Kriss Hammond

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Voted Best New Restaurant in a Hotel Las Vegas Review-Journal — Best of Las Vegas Awards

Named one ofrepparttar Top Casino Restaurants Casino Player Magazine

Named one ofrepparttar 140517 top Five Gourmet Restaurants Travel and Leisure Golf Magazine

Host of one ofrepparttar 140518 2001 Chaine Des Rotisseurs Dinners

Exceptional Eats Celebrated Living - American Airlines, Fall 2001

After a couple of Bourbons I felt more like sitting under a magnolia tree watchingrepparttar 140519 cargo float downrepparttar 140520 lazy river. Of courserepparttar 140521 restaurant has a choice of non-alcoholic beverages, or tryrepparttar 140522 eye openers — Commander’s Palace Bloody Mary or Champagne Mimosa.

Allrepparttar 140523 appetizers are à la carte and all priced at $8.50 atrepparttar 140524 time of our dining experience (May, 2005), making it easy and inexpensive to try several. Jane and I decided to tryrepparttar 140525 Turtle Soup Ali Sherry, now that turtles are being raised on farms, andrepparttar 140526 threatened species are not onrepparttar 140527 menu. But hey, you are in New Orleans (sort of — even thoughrepparttar 140528 pavement outside is starting to crack inrepparttar 140529 heat, we are chilled in style). I notice one ofrepparttar 140530 soups is a 1-1-1 and found out it is a demitasse portion of three soups: Gumbo, Turtle, andrepparttar 140531 Soup du Jour. We passed onrepparttar 140532 Breakfast Parfait of fresh and sun-dried fruit, house-made granola and vanilla yogurt. I am certain thatrepparttar 140533 French Quarter Beignets arerepparttar 140534 traditional bite-sized ones dusted with powdered sugar — accompanied by warm café au lait sauce. Then we were served uprepparttar 140535 Shrimp Remoulade, Creole seasoned Gulf shrimp tossed in spicy Louisiana remoulade sauce with salted lemon zest (an additional $2, but worth it.)

Jane had never tried alligator and I had not had it since dining atrepparttar 140536 award winning restaurant, "The Yearling", in Cross Creek, Florida where they shoot gators outrepparttar 140537 back door (okay, in season of course) and serve it on a plate chicken-like: “It taste’s just like chicken”. ( I am sure you have heard that one somewhere.) That isrepparttar 140538 way they serve it in some parts ofrepparttar 140539 South and The Yearling won Five Golden Spoon Awards more than once to prove that this isrepparttar 140540 traditional tell-tale gator tail. But Commander’s Palace in Las Vegas pounds their gator into sub-consciousness and it is so tender and non-rubbery that there is no hint that it is gator at all — or chicken!

We wanted seafood, so we passed on many ofrepparttar 140541 delicious sounding entrées, such asrepparttar 140542 Panfed Pork Chop Milanese-style, andrepparttar 140543 Onion Crusted Fried Chicken Cobb Salad. I can’t stomach bottom feeder fish so we passed onrepparttar 140544 Louisiana Pecan Crusted Catfish. BUT, our eyes did stop half way downrepparttar 140545 menu at Gulf Shrimp Creole — tender Gulf Shrimp pan seared and steamed in a full-flavored Creole-spiced (medium spicy) tomato ragout — served with Louisiana popcorn rice. BUT, not beforerepparttar 140546 Brunch Special Appetizer of Louisiana Crawfish Bienville — Sautéed fresh Fleur de Lys crawfish tails, roasted mushrooms, and house-smoked Tasso, smothered in a brandied Gulf shrimp cream — topped with French bread crumbs (an additional $3).

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