Frosty Adventures at Trader Joe’s (Part I.)

Written by Paul Rinehart

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In boiling water, cookrepparttar Edamame for a few minutes. They are best if they still have a bit of a “bite”. When finished, remove them fromrepparttar 150508 hot water and plunge into cold water. Set aside.

Put about a tablespoon of oil into a frying pan. Letrepparttar 150509 oil come to what is calledrepparttar 150510 “smoke point.” Olive oil is great to cook with, but be careful—it has a lower smoke point than vegetable oil or corn oil. Brownrepparttar 150511 chicken—it will sizzle and spit. You can add a bit ofrepparttar 150512 marinade to it if you like. Cook untilrepparttar 150513 chicken is done (if in doubt, test by cutting a piece in half).

Lowerrepparttar 150514 heat and add your pineapple and Edamame. Try not to overcookrepparttar 150515 pineapple—just letrepparttar 150516 mixture warm through. Remove from heat and serve over rice.

There are more recipes to come. Stay tuned for more ideasrepparttar 150517 things you can do with Trader Joe’s products.

Paul Rinehart isrepparttar 150518 founder of Online Cooking.

Paul Rinehart is the founder of Online Cooking.

Blue Cheese Omnivorous

Written by Bryan Applegate

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Assembly for presentation:

Tossrepparttar lettuce and cooled pasta together evenly. Now add enough dressing to coatrepparttar 150507 pasta and lettuce in a toss. Put this tossed mix as a bed on a plate or in a bowl. With clean fingers, crumble some ofrepparttar 150508 wedge of blue cheese. Now placerepparttar 150509 steak strips on top in no particular pattern. Lightly drizzle with blue cheese dressing (diners can add more to taste). Finally, garnishrepparttar 150510 top withrepparttar 150511 most aesthetic strips of red pepper providing remaining slices for your companion.

What you have is a colorful and healthy salad forrepparttar 150512 human omnivore. Most every need of nutrition is encompassed in this attractive dish that goes well with red wine, water, or even cola forrepparttar 150513 kiddies.

Bryan Applegate is Online Cooking's Associate Editor and does really cool things with 3d graphics!

Bryan Applegate is an Editor at Online Cooking.

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