From Penny Pincher to " Coupon Queen " !!

Written by Melissa Garcia

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On our site you can learn how to get FREE stuff from Major companys online with no strings attached!! My mailbox is always filled with goodies. Also did you know there are online sites that will give you FREE Gift Certificates just for registering and visiting there online merchants, no purchase necessary!! I have gotten FREE gift certificates to places like, Toys r us, Target, Walmart, and TJ Maxx.

I tell people how to look for offers in grocery stores from major companies offering free stuff like FREE Movie Tickets just for sending in upc's from their products.Dont forget getting your groceries at 70 to 80% off using coupons! We show you how to getrepparttar best deals!

We also have a shoppers alert board Where people post about good deals they find online like office max offering a $20 off any $20 purchase you just pay shipping. Target is one of our favorites. We teach women how to REALLY shop targets clearance section. We are usuallyrepparttar 143352 first ones to findrepparttar 143353 deals as sometimes we find out about stuff thats on clereance before its even marked!!! You should see my gift closet. I already have most of my Christmas shopping done!! We help each other out when we find an amazing clearance sale like $60 karioke machine that I got for $9 orrepparttar 143354 $100 pokemon gameboys that were not marked clereance but rang up $10 or $15!!!!!

Oh and you cant forget saving money aroundrepparttar 143355 home. We have remedies you can make at home like Homemade baby wipes and dryer sheets.Learn how to make your household items last longer. I also talk about sweepstakes! I have won a trip to Cancun and San Antonio.I have won birthday partys for my daughter, 2 cases of cereal ,$100 in groceries and many other items!! My family and friends call merepparttar 143356 FRUGAL QUEEN!!!!

Kathie is our Technical Liason and Graphics Coordinator and with out her I don't know what we'd do. So if you like what you see give Kathie a hollar & let her know!!!

Anyone can be a " Frugal/Coupon Queen " and we'll show you how!! And don't forget when you get all those good deals don't forget to donate to you local shelter!!!

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Ready… Set… Go! Transition Strategies for Caregivers

Written by Dr. Charles Sophy

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Transition times and activities differ from child to child and even activity to activity. You may find that your child transitions quickly from playtime to a pizza dinner but drags their feet when transitioning from t.v. time to bed time. Knowledge from your child’s past transitions and understanding of your child and their feelings isrepparttar foundation on which to build your transition strategy.

Some ofrepparttar 143351 following may raise your insights towards transition:

1. How is my child behaving/feeling?

Anxiety: For some children, change (even simple change) is often difficult. Easerepparttar 143352 child’s anxiety, and resistance to change diminishes significantly.

Anger: Leaving an enjoyable activity for a less enjoyable activity often results in anger inrepparttar 143353 child. Setting a time to resumerepparttar 143354 enjoyable activity or devising creative transition activities (a song or role playing) can help diffuserepparttar 143355 child’s tension.

Control: When parents understandrepparttar 143356 temperament of their children, it’s easier to controlrepparttar 143357 transition process. Transition activities for a 2 year old differ greatly from those of a 12 year old. Keep your child’s temperament and age in mind when planning transition strategies.

2. How are these behaviors/feelings addressed?

Identification: Mindful observation of your child’s positive and negative transitions can yield important clues to help smooth future transitions. Minimize impacts: Timely and calming approaches to transitions create a sense of routine and security for your child.

Model healthy patterns of transition: Children emulaterepparttar 143358 people they love. Sometimes teaching your child healthy transition behaviors is as simple as modeling them yourself. 3. How do you sustain good behaviors?

Awareness: Build upon your child’s strengths and successful transitions. Support: Recognize your child’s weaknesses and alter your strategy in dealing with them. Remember: Always try to think about your plan to transition before you beginrepparttar 143359 dialog.

Dr. Charles Sophy currently serves as Medical Director for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. He also has a private psychiatry practice in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Charles Sophy, author of the “Keep ‘Em Off My Couch” blog, provides real simple answers for solving life’s biggest problems. He specializes in improving the mental health of children. To contact Dr. Sophy, visit his blog at

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