From Immigrant to American Toy Producing Leader- The Gund Story

Written by Sharon Lauer

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Gund is responsible for pioneering many innovations, safety standards and manufacturing processes inrepparttar toy industry. The concept of industry licensing was introducted by Jacob Swedlin with cartoon characters such as Felixrepparttar 144605 Cat, Mickey Mouse, Popeye and others. Gund was alsorepparttar 144606 first to produce a musical toy which was affordably priced forrepparttar 144607 average American family. Gund set an industry standard for safety by divising a way to attach eyes securely to plush animals so that babies and children could not pull them off.

In 1980repparttar 144608 famous Gotta Getta Gund advertising campaign began re-establishing Gund as a household name. Todayrepparttar 144609 company manufactures an extensive collection of unique characters and licensed plush. The 106 year old company is based in Edison, New Jersey and distributes it's treasures throughoutrepparttar 144610 United States, Candada, andrepparttar 144611 world.

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Buying the Perfect Boatę

Written by Valerie Giles

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The information that was posted besiderepparttar boat looked very promising. Justrepparttar 144448 right length. Justrepparttar 144449 right age. We had already agreed that this boat make was good quality. An inflatable dinghy with motor and seawise electric lifting system was also included. The boat also had a GPS and allrepparttar 144450 trimmings. Butrepparttar 144451 price, could it be correct? It seemed a bit low for this particular yacht. You guessed it! The twin engine system was gas, not diesel. This wasrepparttar 144452 reason forrepparttar 144453 excellent price.

We thought that we had foundrepparttar 144454 perfect boat! In fact we had except for one very expensive item. For those of you who own your own boat, you can related torepparttar 144455 expense of a gas engine yacht. Gas engines are fast and great for skiing and lake touring in small boats, but onrepparttar 144456 ocean and in a large yacht,repparttar 144457 cost can be prohibitive. (Note: Recently diesel prices and gas prices have moved closer together.)

So once again, our search begins in earnest. And once again, there are no boats for sale. Or is that just our take onrepparttar 144458 situation? Surelyrepparttar 144459 boat for us is just out there waiting to be discovered!

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