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Written by Francine Silverman

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You’ll first need to find a theme – preferably one that is not overused. (I read that there are more than 10,000 different newsletters in this country today). To find a niche, draw up a list of questions and hand them out to customers. Ask them what products they would like you to carry, or services you should add. Put yourself in their shoes. Then userepparttar best responses in your ezine.

If writing is not your forte,repparttar 124223 Internet is filled with websites offering articles for free – as long as you print them as written, with attribution. Here are a few sites to get you started: is geared to managers and focuses on business communication. focuses on Internet marketing and web business promotion. If you’re a local business, scroll down torepparttar 124224 article entitled “Has Website Promotion Gone Local” for tips on getting your site noticed. bills itself as “the premier small business portal” and is another good site for articles on promoting a web business. isrepparttar 124225 Small & Home Based Business Library covering business subjects from A to Z. Click “Biz Office Library” onrepparttar 124226 right. is for small businesses. The article “Internet Marketing for Local Small Businesses” by David Frey contains some really great ideas on promotion.

Be sure to familiarize yourself withrepparttar 124227 different methods of registering subscribers and e-mailingrepparttar 124228 newsletter. It’s a good idea to use a third party mailing list service to do this for you. I use, which is free until you reach 500 subscribers – then charges $29.95/month. There are several free mailing list hosts, but like anything free, there are restrictions. Christopher Cheng’s article, “Starting Your Own Newsletter or Ezine” at has links to his reviews of various free mailing list services.

As publisher of a newsletter, you will become a guru of your industry. Customers will endow you with expertise and seek out your advice. However, keeping a newsletter fresh takes time and effort. If your business is important to you, you have probably given it your all. A newsletter requiresrepparttar 124229 same kind of devotion.

Francine Silverman is editor/publisher of Book Promotion Newsletter, a free ezine for authors of all genres. two guidebooks are Catskills Alive (second edition) and Long Island Alive, both published in 2003 by Hunter Publishing.

How to publish a profitable newsletter without writing a word...

Written by Ron Pioneer

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Now, you're probably worried about that $20.00 you spent, right? Well, ifrepparttar issues are written well, just one issue of your newsletter can end up resulting in thousands of dollars in sales!

$20.00 turns into a possible thousands, and you didn't write a single word!

Just make sure you include links inrepparttar 124222 article to your affiliate products, or even your own products - as your subscriber is reading, he/she will clickrepparttar 124223 links and BUY!

NOTE: The number of sales you make through your newsletter depends onrepparttar 124224 quality ofrepparttar 124225 content you provide. People want quality information and not just information meant to sell.

There is a lot of crap onrepparttar 124226 internet nowadays, so if you want your readers to trust you as an expert in your field and buy from your recommendations - you NEED to provide very informative content.

If your content is helpful and fresh, your readers will learn to trust you - pretty soon, they will purchase everything you recommend!

Ok, so now you know how to get content for you newsletter, but how aboutrepparttar 124227 subscribers to actually readrepparttar 124228 content? There are some services that can get you subscribers very quickly. The best among them include:

Now, because they are offering you subscribers FAST and with little work on your part, you have to pay them. However, their costs are quite affordable, starting at just $0.09 per subscriber.

With quality content well packaged with your promotions, this minimal investment of buying subscribers can easily pay off. Our research at shows that, if done properly, you should make an average of $10 a year per $0.09 subscriber you buy. And that, my friend, is not a bad start at all.

What else do you have to worry about? You now have subscribers and great content. Now, just choose some great products to promote, and sit back and watchrepparttar 124229 checks roll in.

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Learn the most amazing and profitable shortcuts to running your own "opt-in" list the EASY and FAST way…

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