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•A readable font size •Clear contrast betweenrepparttar font color andrepparttar 142880 background •Links torepparttar 142881 main pages that are easy to find from any page •Links throughoutrepparttar 142882 site that take visitors torepparttar 142883 next steps — more details about your products or services, order pages, contact information Put together an e-commerce system

If you sell products or services at your website, you need:

•An online shopping cart program so that people can place orders •A merchant account to handle Internet payment transactions •A payment gateway to connect your shopping cart andrepparttar 142884 financial institutions involved inrepparttar 142885 sale •An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to establish a secure connection when receiving credit card information

For low-volume sales, PayPal may be more economical than a merchant account, and it doesn’t require a payment gateway or an SSL certificate.

Shopping carts range from basic to those with more advanced options. Some merchant account providers include a payment gateway with their merchant accounts, which simplifies setting up an online store.

3. The online presence Choose a web host

Choosing a good web host is essential to your online presence. If your site is constantly down, or if you can’t get customer support when you need it, your website won’t be able to work as well for you.

Don’t look at price alone when choosing a web host. Consider also these factors:

•Arerepparttar 142886 support people fast and helpful? •Can you reach support easily at any time? •Doesrepparttar 142887 company have a good record of server uptime? •Dorepparttar 142888 hosting packages provide room for your site to grow?

In addition, look for specific features that your website may require, such as website templates or support for specific e-commerce solutions. Website Source’s Hosting ( includes these features and more:

•Hundreds of templates to choose from using Site Studio — no HTML knowledge required •A shopping cart and shared SSL certificate included with accounts •Free website content that clients can publish at their sites •A marketing control panel with tools to help market and monitor websites

Once you have a web hosting account, you’re ready to go online. Set up your website

You have your domain name, your website template, your content, your e-commerce system, and your web host. Now what?

Put it all together.

•Your domain name When you set up your web hosting account, your web host gave yourepparttar 142889 names of two nameservers. These names need to be inrepparttar 142890 domain name record for your domain name to point to your website.

To addrepparttar 142891 nameservers to your domain name record, log in to your domain name account at your domain name registrar and look forrepparttar 142892 two fields marked “nameservers,” “DNS” (domain name servers), or just “Primary” and “Secondary.” Enterrepparttar 142893 nameserver names that your web host gave you, and click on Update. (The exact steps may vary depending on your domain name registrar.)

While it used to take 24 hours or more for domain names to point to a website, this process often happens within an hour or so now. •Your website content Your web designer can formatrepparttar 142894 content in HTML for you and add it to each web page. If you’re using a pre-made template with a website builder, you can addrepparttar 142895 content yourself.

•Your website You can upload your web pages via an FTP (file transfer protocol) program or viarepparttar 142896 website control panel if your control panel has a file upload feature. If your site has an e-commerce system, you can set it up after you upload your page files.

When you think your website is ready forrepparttar 142897 public, check it, check it, and check it:

•Do allrepparttar 142898 links work? •Can visitors find information easily withrepparttar 142899 minimal number of clicks? •If you have a shopping cart, does it work smoothly? •Did you provide allrepparttar 142900 details that visitors need, including contact information? Market your website

If you build it, they will come — but only if they know about it.

Help people find your site online:

•Submit your site to search engines ( . •Find relevant online directories and submit your site to them. •Askrepparttar 142901 webmasters of sites with related content if they want to link to your site. •Put your site name and a link to it in your signature line for all outgoing email. •Participate in forums and newsgroups and include your site name and a link to it in your signature line for posts.

Share your site domain name offline too:

•Print it on your business cards and stationery. •Display it in your store or office. •Add it in lettering on your company vehicle. •Put it on any company giveaway items. •Include it with any advertisements.

Keep your website content current, continue adding new content, and give your domain name as much exposure as possible. And watch your business grow.

About the author: Chris K. is a Technical Executive Writer for Website Source, Inc.. His established writing skills coupled with experience in the web hosting industry have provided internet professionals with marketing, product and service ideas for many years. Chris continues to do extensive research in the e-commerce industry.

Coldfusion Web Hosting

Written by Rodel Garcia

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Disadvantages of ColdFusion:

* The biggest disadvantage of ColdFusion is that it is a closed source technology andrepparttar development is handled completely by one company. Therefore new features cannot be added and bugs cannot be fixed nearly as quickly as in a popular open source solutions.

* Another problem with ColdFusion is that it is expensive. You are required to purchase a new copy ofrepparttar 142819 server (which costs hundreds to thousands of dollars) to obtain features that have been added since your original product purchase (which costs hundreds to thousands of dollars).

What's New inrepparttar 142820 Latest Version of ColdFusion: ColdFusion MX 7

* Rich Flash Forms Using just a few ColdFusion tags, rich Flash forms can be built in minutes.

* New Application Classes Interfaces with mobile phones using SMS text messaging, XMPP (the emerging IM standard), and other Internet protocols.

* New Dreamweaver Extensions Increase your productivity by usingrepparttar 142821 new ColdFusion Extensions for Dreamweaver MX to build applications rapidly.

* Rich Charting Capabilities Produce stylish, bold charts and graphs with modifiable attributes that can control animation, colors, labels, and more.

* Faster Deployment on J2EE For quick and easy deployment on leading J2EE servers, package an application andrepparttar 142822 ColdFusion runtime into a single Java archive.

* Source Code Security Make your source CFM files invisible by compiling them into Java byte-code for distribution and execution.

* New Search Power Enable highlighted search terms, searching within a results set, spelling suggestions, and hierarchical category searching withrepparttar 142823 latest Verity technology.

* Structured Business Reports Easily design and generate high-quality, repeating group, structured business reports.

* Printable Web Content Using just a single tag you can transform web content into high-quality printable, portable documents in PDF or FlashPaper 2 formats.

ColdFusion Web Hosting FAQs

* Does ColdFusion Web Hosting requirerepparttar 142824 use of any special tools? Because ColdFusion integrates its code (CFML) with standard HTML code, you can use any standard Web development application or a text editor to develop your templates.

* Which databases can I use when web hosting a ColdFusion site? ColdFusion MX 7 supports most major databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, and IBM Informix.

* Which web servers can I use when web hosting a ColdFusion site? ColdFusion MX 7 supports most major web servers, including IIS, Apache, and Sun ONE (formerly iPlanet).

* Which operating systems are supported? ColdFusion MX 7 supports most major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Solaris, Linux, and AIX.

What should I look for in a ColdFusion Web Hosting provider?

* As with pretty much any web hosting provider, you want to look for: Reliability (up time);

* Redundancy (back-up servers);

* Security (managed access to servers) and

* Scalability (ability to grow your site with your host).

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