From Complacency to Power

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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4. Upon taking action, she furthered her "Menu Approach" by making several significant contacts one after another. The momentum she created in doing so further energized her towards reaching her ultimate goal.

In doing so, Grace moved from a place of complacency to a place of power. Her power came fromrepparttar possibilities her goal represented, fromrepparttar 124077 intensity of her desire, from her own realization that passivity was getting her further from her vision and closer to despair daily. The more she sat inert in passivity,repparttar 124078 more she was buying intorepparttar 124079 beliefs of her dream stealers. It was as if a collection of allrepparttar 124080 negative people in her past were sitting on her shoulders telling herrepparttar 124081 ways she could not POSSIBLY be who she was meant to be or do all that she desired to do.

Grace chose to use that intensity, that passion, to bring her closer to her goal. The end result is bound to be greater than she imagined, as she will reach not only her initial goal, she will also be propelled with more strength and sureness than she had possessed before her shift.

She took to heart Henry David Thoreau's words: "He isrepparttar 124082 best sailor who can steer within fewest points ofrepparttar 124083 wind, and exact a motive power out ofrepparttar 124084 greatest obstacles." Where she had been stuck COULD have been an insurmountable obstacle. Grace shifted that obstacle into her own brand of power. She steered her way around and passed it, sailing clearly into her future.

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Positive Creativity

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

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An important thing to realize here, is that if you dream big, but think small you will have a "small" result. Dreams are important, but unless you are prepared to put them into action, by doing something about those big dreams, they will always remain only dreams. Use your Positive Creativity to lead you down your path of success and help you make your dream a reality. Your dreams must be converted from abstract visions by positively creating concrete thoughts and plans. Once you have a worthwhile dream, it is time to stop dreaming and start creating. This requiresrepparttar use of "Positive Creativity". I'm not saying rush into your dreams blindly, but being cautious does not mean being negative. Stop, relax and begin to think positively about what it is you want. Use your Positive Creativity to plan and strategize. Get that positive feeling within yourself and begin to plan.

Too often people don't realize how negative thought hinders their success in life. You must have a positive outlook and you must learn how to use your "Positive Creativity". You must mentally experience it as if it has already happened. Not only does this help your Positive Creativity, but aides you in your planning.

In Closing:

If you consider what I have said here, I mean seriously consider it, and make positive thought a part of your life, you may want to prepare yourself for some awesome results!

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