From Angry To Loyal, All In One Understanding Minute

Written by Ken Lansford

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The strange thing about anger is that it's rather like wolfing your cookies. You tend to want to also. When someone comes in forrepparttar attack, rememberrepparttar 102125 underlying emotion and that allrepparttar 102126 emotional outbursts are centered inrepparttar 102127 Limbic portion ofrepparttar 102128 brain. When a person is inrepparttar 102129 Limbic portion of their brain, they are pure emotion, nothing else. Logical reasoning cannot take place. This is why fighting back will not work. You must takerepparttar 102130 higher, harder road.

Listen, talk quietly, validate, soothe. Once your customer has calmed down, you can resolverepparttar 102131 problem and thusrepparttar 102132 root emotion. When you do this, your customer becomes bonded to you in ways you won't believe. Their confidence in you triples, their trust in you solidifies, and your future with them is secure. Furthermore, they will sing your praises forever. All it takes is a little understanding and you can turn an angry client into a customer forever.

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Traffic… Sales… and Headachy Emails

Written by Brigitte Synesael

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Inrepparttar interest of optimum health and business success, it is essential forrepparttar 102124 Web based entrepreneur to find ways to manage their stress and anxiety. Physical activity can be a terrific stress reliever. So I encourage you to walk, run, and/or make a commitment with a friend to engage in a game of tennis at least 3 to 4 times every week. Aside fromrepparttar 102125 health benefits, a change in environment is often beneficial to gain fresh perspective.

In dealing with stress, it is also important that you eliminate any "old baggage" you may be carrying around. Bad relationships, past abuse, childhood or teenage traumas, or even something you did that you've felt guilty about ever since. Think carefully about your past. If there is anything there that causes you discomfort or painful memories, you will feel a tremendous weight off your shoulders by dealing with those emotions.

Meditation, massage therapy, progressive relaxation, channeling, guided imagery, biofeedback, reiki, yoga, and qigong are approaches helpful in overcoming stress. In fact meditation is so effective in reducing stress and tension that, in 1984, repparttar 102126 National Institutes of Health recommended meditation over prescription drugs asrepparttar 102127 first treatment for mild hypertension.(1) Certain herbs have been known to help reduce anxiety and help you to relax. Changes in diet can also be helpful as can Chinese techniques like acupuncture and acupressure.

I suggest that your try several of these suggestions and settle on a combination of 3 or 4 that seem to berepparttar 102128 most effective for you. Remember to always consult your health care provider before drastically changing your activity level or eating habits.

Have yourself a stress free, successful business venture.

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