From A Jack To A King

Written by Rick Yost

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Rick Yost is a free lance author both online and off. Being involved as publisher and editor of the local community paper where he resides for over two years has given Rick the knowledge and experience that enables him to put to paper his delicious sense of humour as well as his ability to keep the reader reading. The honest and straight to the point methods he incorporates into his style of writing are a joy to read. Now online!

The 21st Century Way To Build Equity

Written by B.F. Boggan

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Combinerepparttar benefits of a biweekly payment schedule with a union between an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) mode of account servicing that is governed by Regulation "E" ofrepparttar 113253 Federal Reserve to a plug intorepparttar 113254 internet and you will find a super-efficient, safe, consumer-friendly method of paying a monthly obligation that won't take a huge bite from one paycheck. It doesn't take nuclear physicists to understand why this type of arrangement is frequently referred to asrepparttar 113255 "Common Sense Mortgage".

Now that there's breathing room because money has been "freed-up" and also saved by using a service such as this go on an excursion for some sunshine, sand and surf, have dinner at a five-star restaurant, or better still, invest in your financial future. It's your money. Once you've tried this equity acceleration program (EAP) for yourself, you'll realize its value.

With more available choices, creating enjoyable lifestyles and looking out for your family's financial well being is easier today than it ever has been. The bad news is that time is not on you side with a standard monthly mortgage payment on a 30 year loan. Additionally, you are not gettingrepparttar 113256 most for your money. The good news is that help is here;repparttar 113257 technology does exists giving consumers unparalleled conveniences plus an advantaged boost. Welcome torepparttar 113258 21st Century.

B. F. Boggan is a distributor of the on-line resource the Mortgage Manager Hi-Tech Mortgage Payment Service. To download a free full version copy of the software to perform a personal mortgage analysis, or to obtain an application to apply for the biweekly payment service at no cost. A password protected mortgage auditing program is also included at no cost to the consumer after 6 months of using the service. Visit

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