From 0 To 1200 Visitors A Day! A Tried & True Quick Start Guide

Written by Rafael Aguilo

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Now, let, talk about you! Here's my personal advice if want to increase MEANINGFUL, Targeted Traffic to your site:

1. Look for that special 'something' that sets your product or Website 'apart fromrepparttar pack'.

2. You can start an EZINE! and announce it. Check out allrepparttar 119399 tips available on my Website and back issues of my EZine. Harmony Major's Article about EZines on Issue 18 Is Great. It's all FREE! 3. Create your own BUZZ! You could give incentives or reward your prospects, SATISFIED customers or users for promoting your service. Have you ever stopped to watch how people react to some common promotional events?

Let me give you an example.

Just watch when someone is trying to HAND OUT promotional flyers to every passerby. You'll notice that MOST people are annoyed by this 'in your face' approach. The flyer WILL be THROWN OUT byrepparttar 119400 vast majority without even bothering to LOOK at it! (That's what happens to most traditional advertising!)

Compare that with what happens when someone is giving out FREE samples(discount coupons, etc.) of a product. The main reaction you notice is: CURIOSITY! 'What are they GIVING AWAY?' 'I want SOME!'

Never mind if you can use it or not. The first reaction is: I WANT SOME, or KNOW MORE about it! You have been ATTRACTED torepparttar 119401 'message'. Andrepparttar 119402 same happens to a lot of people. You may even ASK someone who just GOT something to TELL you about it! Andrepparttar 119403 person(even if it's a stranger) DOES! If you happen to like it, you GO TO GET YOURS TOO!

Why this happens?

Inrepparttar 119404 flyer example,repparttar 119405 approach doesn't appeal to your 'What's In It FOR ME?' factor. The message CHASES YOU! Somebody is 'TRYING to SELL you something'.

The Second scenario hitsrepparttar 119406 person right where it counts. It feeds the: 'I Can Get Something FREE NOW!' factor.

The tables have turned: Now, You CHASErepparttar 119407 Message! YOU want to see whatrepparttar 119408 whole deal is! You become a voluntary recipient. YOU convinced yourself!

I hope you can use this tip to great results!

4. Let people get to KNOW and RECOMMEND YOU! Visit Active Web Message Boards related to your Websites' theme, and see what people are LOOKING FOR andrepparttar 119409 Problems they have. Give RELEVANT answers to their Questions.

This is more effective (and cheaper)than advertising all overrepparttar 119410 place. An honest referral by a satisfied customer or user is your BEST ALLY!

Now...The JUICY Part!

5. Create a related Freebie(not a Blatant Ads Billboard) that will give your Target Market VALUABLE information like:

"Things You Should Know BEFORE ..."

"How To..."

'Mistakes You Must Avoid ..."

"The Secrets to..."

GIVE IT AWAY with NO Strings attached, and encourage people to pass it along to their friends.

Instead of pushing, let people be 'pulled' to your site.

The KEY to make this approach work EFFECTIVELY is: The information you GIVE away, MUST have its HIGHEST VALUE when used in COMBINATION with one of your other products, or services.

This gives your visitors a STRONG REASON (that appeals to their SELF-INTEREST) to come back and use your other products or services. Both sides must derive a benefit from this exchange.

That'srepparttar 119411 name ofrepparttar 119412 game!

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How to Find Out What Your Web Surfer Prospects Want

Written by Rafael Aguilo

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WordsSpot 200


Weekly top 500 Wordtracker keyword report

Live Online Search Displays:

1. Metaspy. Gives Filtered or Unfiltered search queries. Refreshed every 15 seconds.

2. Weekly Search Engine Keyword Statistics For Web and Internet Marketing.

3. Magellan Search Voyeur. Displays a sample of recent searches. Page automatically refreshes every 15 seconds.

4. Ask Jeeves Peek Through The Keyhole. Shows 20 recent search requests, updated every 30 seconds.

5. searchUK Spy. Displays 10 recent, non-filtered, searches from this UK search engine. The page is automatically refreshed every 20 seconds.

6. Inventory Search Click onrepparttar "Search Term Suggestion List". Enterrepparttar 119398 term you want to search, and you'll get how many searches were done using that term and other terms that include it, inrepparttar 119399 past month.

Now that you have your "Kit"; let's:

Find Out What Your Competition's Up To.

To find out which questions show up for a particular term or search phrase I use:


It showsrepparttar 119400 "plain english" questions people use to make their searches, andrepparttar 119401 WEB PAGES relevant to these questions. For you, this can be like "money in repparttar 119402 bank"!


Because what you do is design an Information Page that ANSWERS those particular questions that relate to YOUR product!

Example of an Answer Page:(Use The Complete URL) where-can-i-learn-how-to-make-money-online.htm

How do I know if this works?

Check out what comes up at for these search terms:

1. internet marketing ebooks 2. internet marketing course 3. free internet marketing 4. make money online 5. how do i make money online 6. how do i learn internet marketing (check who comes up when you click onrepparttar 119403 FIRST "Learn Internet Marketing"link)

Once you get used to havingrepparttar 119404 "Intelli-Marketing" Kit working for you; you'll never want to be without it again!

Don't waste your time SPAMMINGrepparttar 119405 Search Engines with garbage. Just Find Out What Your Web Surfer Prospects Want and...Give it to them!

Rafael Aguilo - Webmaster, A+ Certified PC Tech. invites you to get ALL the FREEBIES mentioned in this article. They are available at: Get 5 Free Gifts Just For Visiting Today!

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