Frequently Asked Questions about the Guidant Recall

Written by Michael Monheit, Esq. - Guidant Recall Lawsuits

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What arerepparttar chances that my Guidant defibrillator will fail? It is estimated that there are 29,000 units in question. Out of those, there have been 45 reported failures and at least two deasths linked torepparttar 144958 units. If no other failures occur, that would mean that 1 out of 15,000 could result in death, and 1 out of 650 could fail. If more reports come in,repparttar 144959 failure rate would turn out to be higher.

Should I replace my Guidant defibrillator? You should immediately consult with your physician to determine if your model is part ofrepparttar 144960 recall, if your defibrillator is defective, and whetherrepparttar 144961 risk of surgery is better thanrepparttar 144962 risk of keeping your defective Guidant defibrillator unit.

Are there any lawsuits or class actions being filed? Yes. There are a number of lawfirms that are investigating these cases. Lawsuits have already been filed against Guidant.

Monheit Law is investigating cases involvingrepparttar 144963 Guidant defibrillators. Users of this defibrillator can contact Monheit Law at

Monheit Law is investigating cases involving the Guidant defibrillators. Users of this defibrillator can contact Monheit Law at

How to Find the Right Lawyer for Your Small Business

Written by John Lee

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You can also get help from lawyer referral services. You can find a list of lawyer referral services in your yellow book under "Lawyers", "Attorneys" or "Attorney Referral Services", or you can search them onrepparttar Internet. These services usually charge you a fee but some services might allow you talk to a lawyer without any charge.

In addition, you might come across advertisements from attorneys or law firms. Just like dealing with other type of advertisements, you should be careful and don't trustrepparttar 144822 advertisement too much.

Besiderepparttar 144823 resources mentioned above, there are a number of other options to find a lawyer, such as looking atrepparttar 144824 phone book or doing web search, etc. Don't settle down withrepparttar 144825 first lawyer that you come across. Make sure to interview a few attorneys before you make your final decision.

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