Fremont John Releases Timeline

Written by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

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His reputation and performances in Florida are becoming legendary and this new recording will solidify his standing as an artist onrepparttar move withrepparttar 142734 crossover ability that will reach out on a worldwide level inrepparttar 142735 independent music community. John is becoming a regular attraction at Tampa Bay Devil Rays games; he will be performing on June 28 at 5:15 pm and July 31 at Noon. This is an indication of his growing popularity andrepparttar 142736 respect he commands for his many live performances.

Fremont John deliversrepparttar 142737 goods on Timeline and seeing him perform it live will be an unforgettable experience. The many messages he conveys to us through his music bares his heart and soul to every walk of life. His stories are set torepparttar 142738 music and can easily becomerepparttar 142739 soundtracks of our daily lives while giving us inspiration and hope of a new day. For More Information Contact: Margaret Ashton, Artist Manager Tel: 941-952-5060


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Movies Ė Watch What You Want, When You Want

Written by Rickia Sanders

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While technology is playing an important role inrepparttar movie-making process, itís also important for movie watching. The fact that many movies are now digital files on DVD allows moviemakers to apply a myriad of special features intorepparttar 142621 movie file itself. Surround sound is one of those special features and if you have a home theater set up with surround sound, youíll be able to hearrepparttar 142622 special effects just like you do at a commercial theater. Ever wonder how it is that a door squeaks to your right, while a woman screams to your left? The answer is surround sound technology and a DVD has ample space to store those kinds of programming features.

You and your spouse will probably never agree on every single movie. But withrepparttar 142623 many movie titles available for you to rent or own either on DVD or to download to your computer, itís likely that youíll find something that you both want to watch tonight. And maybe even something that you both want to watch again. And again.

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