Freeport In The Bahamas

Written by Clint Leung

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The taxi fare to Port Lucaya fromrepparttar airport was $19 US. There is also a public bus service which utilizes vans to take people to other parts ofrepparttar 142998 island. The fare is $1.50 US per person to downtown Freeport so this is definitely a much more economical way to get around. One can take this bus service torepparttar 142999 nearest grocer called Winn-Dixie orrepparttar 143000 other major shopping area on Grand Bahama Island called International Bazaar. International Bazaar is actually next to downtown Freeport and nearrepparttar 143001 other cluster of hotels there. This shopping area was similar torepparttar 143002 Port Lucaya Marketplace except that it had an international theme. Unfortunately,repparttar 143003 International Bazaar is rapidly going downhill as over half ofrepparttar 143004 stores are now closed. This is not that surprising since even though there are attractive hotel rates and another casino located in this area, it is really too far fromrepparttar 143005 ocean to make it a decent Caribbean spot to stay. Therefore, it is highly recommended to stay inrepparttar 143006 Port Lucaya area (or one ofrepparttar 143007 individual resorts nearrepparttar 143008 ocean if one prefers more seclusion).

Both of my trips to Freeport were primarily for scuba diving and with opportunities to dive with both dolphins and sharks here, I was not disappointed. There are other activities available in Grand Bahama Island including golf, horseback riding, sea kayaking and bird watching but these didnít seem to be too popular. Fromrepparttar 143009 conversations we had with other tourists, it seems that most people came to Grand Bahama Island for scuba diving, deep sea fishing or just to relax byrepparttar 143010 beach. Otherwise, one could get bored here quite easily as thereís not much in terms of experiencing local Bahamian culture since much ofrepparttar 143011 tourist services are Americanized.

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Gatlinburg Cabin Rental

Written by Dani Martin

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Gatlinburg cabin rental prices also rise and fall depending on peak or off-peak status. Peak season in Gatlinburg is from January through May, and also includesrepparttar months of September, November and December. Off-peak season stretches from June thru August, October, and Major Holiday Periods. In addition, various cabin rental packages often include a free third night and/or discounts to local attractions, such as Dollywood,repparttar 142997 Dolly Parton themepark in neighboring Pigeon Forge.

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