Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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The distinguished gentleman who had visited Frabato late at night now rose from amongstrepparttar brethren.

選 choserepparttar 122104 best astrological hour for my visit to Frabato. I also took into accountrepparttar 122105 correspondences ofrepparttar 122106 elements in order to place myself in a strong initial position. Besides this, I hoped he would be exhausted afterrepparttar 122107 performance he had just given; that would have been to my advantage. I explainedrepparttar 122108 unusual time of my visit by telling him I had a journey to make which could not be postponed. Upon hearing this, Frabato looked at me sharply and then smiled faintly without uttering a word.

選 then painted a very colorful picture of our lodge membership; pointed out its many advantages, and promised him a large sum of money from our funds should he decide to join. But Frabato completely ignored my proposals and started to talk about his journeys, his performances and successes in many cities and towns. He was able to arouse my curiosity so strongly that I almost forgotrepparttar 122109 reason for my visit.

In time I interrupted him and tried to direct his attention to my offer, He rose and pulled a suitcase out from under his bed saying, 'Now let us have a look at whatrepparttar 122110 Akashic records have to say about your lodge.'

羨s you know, my dear brothers, I am well acquainted with occult methods and practices; therefore I was determined to use all my powers to prevent Frabato's experiment. But as soon asrepparttar 122111 notion entered my mind, he said to me, as if by chance, 'Dear Mr. Hermes, my experiments depend purely upon my will power and cannot be influenced or prevented by you. They will succeed whether you actively appose them or not.'

選 felt that Frabato could see right through me, and surmised that I would have no chance against him, so I watched his preparations intently {Intent is a key attribute to be developed.}. First he cleaned his hands carefully, took a small bottle out of his suitcase, and applied a few drops to his hands. No doubt it was prepared fromrepparttar 122112 essences of certain plants, {Perhaps Belladonna and digitalis which have long been part ofrepparttar 122113 shamanic medicine bag, mixed with a little blood ofrepparttar 122114 practitioner in order to aid genetic attunement at a solar or molecular and animal state consciousness.} for a pleasant fragrance permeatedrepparttar 122115 room. He then took a small lamp out of a little box and put it onrepparttar 122116 table. Then, from a second box, he brought forth a glass ball about twenty centimeters in diameter and placed it on a stand onrepparttar 122117 table. When I asked him what purpose this glass ball served, Frabato laughed and replied, 'If there were any clairvoyants in your lodge, and if they really possessedrepparttar 122118 knowledge which you attempt or pretend to have, then they would know that this is a magic mirror. This sphere contains a liquid,repparttar 122119 particular composition of which requires not only patient work but excellent magical abilities as well.'

選 was enraged; but I tried to control myself, for I felt that nothing remained hidden from this man.

'I am going to show you a film, and then you can judge for yourself whether it is really advantageous to be a member of your lodge,' he continued.

選 watched each of his movements attentively, to be sure that he was not employing any tricks. He rolled uprepparttar 122120 sleeves of his shirt and sat down beside me in front ofrepparttar 122121 sphere. Then he stretched both his hands towardsrepparttar 122122 glass ball, his fingers slightly splayed. A grayish-white light escaped fromrepparttar 122123 tips of his fingers and was absorbed byrepparttar 122124 sphere which, a few moments later, began to illuminate everything with a fluorescent ball of lightrepparttar 122125 color of a fiery opal. I was by that time in some suspense as he said:

'Next we shall look behindrepparttar 122126 scenes of your esteemed Grand Master's life.... The color ofrepparttar 122127 Grand Master's face changed a few times. When Hermes began to describe some ofrepparttar 122128 more startling events ofrepparttar 122129 Grand Master's life as revealed to him inrepparttar 122130 magic mirror,repparttar 122131 Grand Master discreetly gave him to understand that this was not desirable. Hermes understood and skillfully moved on to more general topics. {The same was done for eight ofrepparttar 122132 top members ofrepparttar 122133 lodge.} guest expert Author of Diverse Druids Columnist in The ES Press Magazine

Intuitive Thinking

Written by Dale Power

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Start with an idea ofrepparttar topic or subject you are going to address. You will need this idea as a starting point.

Drop into a theta brainwave state. You will recognize it either byrepparttar 122103 meditative feel ofrepparttar 122104 state,repparttar 122105 clarity and lack of verbalized thought, or you may notice clear photo like images in your mind. Both show you have reachedrepparttar 122106 appropriate mental level.

Once you are in a deep clear space, introducerepparttar 122107 idea you are going to work on. Hold it in your thoughts, getting a sense ofrepparttar 122108 psychic reality of each portion of thought.

You will begin to feel as if you are thinking fromrepparttar 122109 middle of your head. This is a sign that you are enteringrepparttar 122110 correct mental space.

From this place of abstract thought, you will be able to focus on each critical part of an idea and allowrepparttar 122111 intuition to direct you from one part ofrepparttar 122112 idea torepparttar 122113 next. What is of interest here is that you will often move from information you already know, to information that is true, but you had no awareness of before.

The next step is to use this form of thought in daily life. This takes great practice and control, but will allow you to live as an intuitive being, rather than simply as a psychic. This is also a learning process. It will take time for your mind to learn how to react torepparttar 122114 world while in this state.

It is important to understand that this is an integrated state. You are not just in a meditative state, but a logical one, that uses intuition and psychic information as part of its base. You will find yourself understanding not only what will happen, but often why and how to change it to a different, hopefully better, outcome, if needed.

Dale Power is a psychic healer, researcher and educator that has been focusing on ways to improve psychic functioning in humans for the last twenty years. Go to: to find out more about the work being done.

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